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Top 7 Environmentally-Friendly Innovations for a Greener Tomorrow


There’s no possible way to know how long this earth has been here, how it was created, and why we are living in it, among millions of other animals. One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that our actions in the little time we have been on this planet are creating huge effects that would not have happened without us.

Top 7 Environmentally-Friendly Innovations for a Greener Tomorrow
Top 7 Environmentally-Friendly Innovations for a Greener Tomorrow

Hundreds of species have gone extinct, air pollution is at its highest, and ocean animals are dying by the millions due to our less-than-careful methods of waste disposal. For that reason, in this article, we will be discussing the topic of environmentally friendly innovations that can save the environment, with number one being getting rid of gasoline sedan cars

Tech That Can Save The Environment

One of the pioneers in the “Save Earth” plan has been Elon Musk. Ever since he was a kid, Elon dreamed of a society that could travel to other planets, that helped the earth be as green as it’s ever been. Now he is doing just that, having created the company Space X, short for Space Exploration, Tesla, and the Boring Company.

So here are the seven environmentally-friendly innovations that can save the environment, with Elon Musk’s companies at the top, not because they are the most important, but because we brought it up first :)

Electric Transportation

It was an unstoppable phenomenon when cars began to be mass-produced. It was the next step in our evolution from horse riders to car drivers, but now we are on the next step of this same evolution. The billions of people who drive to and from destinations use gasoline and this gasoline distributes chemicals that pollute our air and harm the ozone layer. The changes are unseen but are detrimental to ourselves and to the other animals that live on our planet.

The only way to reverse this is to stop using cars (not going to happen) or to create a car that doesn’t harm the environment. Tesla Motors has created that car and has started the wave towards fully auto-driven electric cars which are safer than humans and have zero emissions.

The electricity is free and all you have to do is charge it at a Tesla charging station or in your home. If your home is powered by solar panels, and you drive a Tesla, you my friend are what is saving the planet

Freeway Decongestant

Because we know that people will be people and stubborn at that, we understand that they will continue to drive cars that hurt the environment. For these people, the best thing to do is to de-congest the freeways so that they spend less time driving, which will produce fewer harmful chemicals.

Elon Musk is starting to do this by digging holes under Los Angeles. He hopes to create underground tunnels, sort of like ants, in order to have elevators bring cars down into the tunnel and move them at speeds of 150mph or more on an electric platform to their destinations, as opposed to having them use gasoline and being stuck in traffic for two hours with thousands of other cars doing the same. 

3D Printing

This method of building things can be very lucrative for the environment, given that we print using materials that are biodegradable. 3D printing only uses electricity for its systems and there are no harmful fumes or waste being thrown out into the ocean. The computer knows exactly how much material will be used and thus, there’s minimal to zero waste. 

Smart Homes

These homes have become more and more popular among wealthy communities because they understand that not only can they make a difference, but their living environments will be more pleasant. Instead of having the AC running all day, a smart home will turn the AC on five or ten minutes before you arrive home in order to save electricity.

If you put a solar roof on your home and use that to power all of your smart systems, your home will be able to monitor and use only the electricity it needs, while selling off the remaining to the grid, which could also make you some extra cash. 

PH Sensors In the Ocean

These have been monitored for years, but the ocean is so big that it needs to be monitored constantly. PH levels in the oceans must be monitored in order to control or understand the acidity. Too much acidity in an ocean can cause the life around it to die, and whole ecosystems could be wiped out.

We need to come to an agreement and monitor the pH levels of every ocean. I know that we can do this, but unless we stop arguing, being negative, and caring only about ourselves, it will not happen.

Biodegradable “Disposables”

More and more companies are coming into the marketplace offering biodegradable disposables like plates, spoons, forks, and straws. Some of these companies are even offering plates, spoons, and cups that are edible so that you can eat every part of your meals, literally. Honestly, this should be mandatory in all schools. If the kids don’t want to eat their plates, then they can throw it out and something else will eat it, or it will simply biodegrade. 

Re-Population Centers

It is my personal goal to purchase large pieces of land, just like Jack Ma recently did, to conserve animal species and certain environments. More companies should make it their goal to build sanctuaries where certain breeds of animals are kept and grown in simulated wild-life environments. The only issue with this is the fact that these animals would no longer be able to understand what it’s like to live in the wild.


In conclusion in this article, we discussed the topic of saving the environment using technology and we listed seven different environmentally-friendly innovations that can help us do so. The most important ones are to stop killing certain animals and hurting their environments because there is a delicate natural balance that we have tampered with. You can help this cause by switching over to solar-powered smart homes and driving electric cars. We will see how this plays out, but we must continue to strive for this goal, saving our planet.

Finnegan Pierson
Finnegan Pierson
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