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Creating, enjoying and protecting a sustainable world is easier than you think. Earthava helps individuals, communities, businesses and governments make smarter environmental decisions & purchases.

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A New Era of Phone Cases

Discover Earthava's Phone case

Say NO to cheap, plastic phone cases. We’re here to help you upgrade your style and say YES to beautiful, high-quality cases made from 100%


Earthava phone case take up to 160 days to fully biodegrade.


Make To Order is the opposite of mass production, the phone case will not be manufactured unless someone places an order.

Made from plants

Earthava phone cases are made from plant polymer and bamboo binders with zero plastic.

Phone case

Recycleble packaging

The packaging is recyclable and it contains a small cotton bag to store your case in.


Earthava phone case takes 60-90 days to fully compost.


Water-based inks are friendlier to the environment, and your skin.



Environmental Community

Essential guide to the natural world for environmental educators, researchers, and decision makers. Environment, ecosystems, conservation, biodiversity.

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We Care And Hope For A Change

Welcome to Earthava, we have been increasing people's awarnes regarding environment since 2014. Our articles and guides will show you the road to an easy-to-acheive green lifestyle while learning the importance of nature, biodiversity, and renewable energy. And with our Eco-friendly phone cases, we are determined to make an actual impact.

We Care And Hope For A Change