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Solar Roof Installation: 3 Things You Should Know


When it comes to renewable energy, solar energy is a well-known source that has been used and researched in different development areas. Solar power banks are just an example. They charge using the sunlight and then, they can provide energy for mobile phones and other devices.

Solar panels, the panels designed to absorb the sunlight, are a great way of generating electricity and heating. They have been highly promoted and have become a great option accessible to a large number of people. In 2014, the entire world’s cumulative solar power capacity was 177.003 Megawatts. This power was enough to provide energy for more than 29 million homes.

However, recently, solar panels have gained a new competitor: solar roofs.

Solar roofs are a novelty in the renewable energy industry. As opposed to solar panels, solar roofs have solar cell technology integrated into the roof tiles. In this way, the roof itself will act as a panel that will absorb the rays of the sun and transform them into energy that will be used inside the house.

This new invention brings with it a few benefits in terms of design and costs.

Solar panels integrated into roof tiles

This new technology gives people the possibility to have a roof that fulfills two tasks at the same time. They have a roof that does the job of a solar panel as well. For this reason, they do not need to worry about how their house will look like after they install a panel.

The design may not seem a very important aspect, but it is one that people consider very important. Although both options represent technologies that protect the environment and provide eco-friendly ways of producing energy, solar roofs may be seen as the most convenient one. People’s homes can have a pleasant look and be integrated into the green category as well.

A considerable cost reduction

In order to understand this benefit better, let’s take a look at the following situation. Jim and Tom need to change the roofs of their houses. Also, they want to power their homes using solar energy. Jim decides to buy a normal roof and then purchase and install a solar panel system on his roof. Tom, on the other hand, purchases a solar roof directly. Jim has two items, while Tom has just one that does the job of Jim’s two items.

Spending money on a new roof and a solar panel system can be an expensive investment, although it will be paid off in time. However, when speaking about solar roofs, people need to pay only for one product.

More resistant materials

The new solar roofs are made of glass, a material that has proved itself stronger than terra-cotta, clay, and slate. A greater resistance means a higher lifetime for your roof. This also means that people will not need to worry about additional roof costs in the near future.

Solar roofs represent an innovation in the renewable energy industry. They combine efficiency with great design and can provide great results. Solar roofs make use of renewable energy, provide people power for their homes, and protect the environment.

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