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Eco-Friendly Dubai Culture You Have To See To Believe


Now that you have arrived in Dubai there are some places you must see. There is the palm island (Palm Jumeirah), which is so amazing that the astronauts can see it from the space station and it has everything you need to enjoy a holiday. The island has spas, pools, gardens, sunsets, and more. As you explore the island you will find more and more to do and offer to the joyful guests.

Eco-Friendly Dubai Culture You Have To See To Believe

Teach as you Go

When you arrive in Dubai, many places in the city, expect you to teach yourself to recycle as well as your children during your stay. For example, did you rent a green car? Then when you rent your hybrid car for your stay you will be improving the environment around you for the locals, yourself, and the next people who come to visit.

No matter the style of the car or the rental car, there is only one place you can currently rent a car in Dubai. The Green Car Rental will service all your needs. Another eco-friendly company that will help keep your car clean is Eco Wash Me also online. At the cost of a can of Coke, you can wash your car and preserve the freshness of your exterior once again.

Global Village

The Global Village is an amazing collection filled with many different areas: Funfair, Fantasy Island, Coney Island, and Dubai Land. Each section has various representations that highlight diverse cultures from all over the world and lift up our Earth’s globalization in the same style as Epcot Center. 

The Coney Island section of the Village resembles New York’s Coney Island fairground ambiance with wood decking, a food court, and more than 30 rides and games. The multitude of rides and games will take you to a world of visions and imagination that you have never dreamt of in your wildest reveries. You will have a day of full frivolity and laughter.

This is where the new world is. Come here to tempt your taste buds and light up your senses. Visit and learn about new cultures and meet new friends. Your mind will be blown away in the Global Village. Our new world is here, now.  Come, and share with us!

Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding

One place that is great for absorbing culture in Dubai is the Sheik Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding. This old two-story building with a romantic courtyard will open your heart and mind to the alternative Islam and Emirati cultures you may not be familiar with at this time in your life. The center offers classes in Bastakiya and Arabic and tours of the Jumeirah Mosque. The tours include demonstrations of ablutions, prayers, and a respectful question-and-answer session on Islam. There is also a traditional cultural breakfast (at 10 a.m.) offered to visitors on Monday and Wednesday and lunches (at 1 p.m.) on Sunday and Tuesday.

Sustainable Travel Eco-tourism

Dubai has had some issues with Eco-friendly construction and reliability in the past but they have worked to change that image. Now Dubai focuses only on positive Eco-positive changes and Eco-tourism for guests that visit their homes. This is a fledgling industry for Dubai as business owners expand their use of green construction and development. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing launched a “Green Tourism Award” program that inspires innovation in Eco-tourism and discourages the use of carbon footprints.

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James Helliwell
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