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Cotton Bags: Your Sustainable Solution to Reducing Plastic Waste


For many years the standard bag at the checkout of your favorite supermarket has been plastic because it was free, easy to use and the best option. But today this is all about to change.

Cotton Bags: Your Sustainable Solution to Reducing Plastic Waste

With the debate of whether plastic or paper bags are better, we look at why cotton bags are looking to take the crown of the best bag and why we could be seeing more and more of them over the coming months and years.

The process of creating paper bags has been up for debate for some time, as has the amount of plastic we produce and how much makes its way into our oceans, and water supplies and hurts animals. Cotton bags though have a much longer lifespan, can be recycled, and looks much better too.

Cotton bags are manufactured so they can withstand heavy loads as well as several uses. Compared to plastic and paper bags, cotton bags can be used more than 10 times more on average.

These bags have been available at the checkouts at your favorite supermarket but have come with a charge when using them. But, the UK, US, and some other countries within Europe are now looking to implement a charge on using plastic bags, which could make now the perfect time to switch to cotton bags as your preference when carrying the groceries home.

This could work as an advantage to shopping owners too though. Supermarkets often overload their plastic carrier bags with branding and these bags will only be used once, maybe twice, whereas overloading a cotton bag with promotional branding means your brand or logo can be seen by more than double the number of people, and the amount of time advertising is prolonged too.

Cotton bags are not a new idea but it is a carrier bag solution that we expect to see more and more, and one that you should consider thinking about too.

Take Notice

Cotton bags are the new alternative to plastic shopping bags, and they help the environment too.

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