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8 Ways On How To Be A Sustainable Traveler


Whether you are traveling for a vacation or commuting to work, moving from one place to another impacts your environment. From the transportation you ride to the trash you leave behind, it also contributes to your overall impact on the environment. However, thanks to green technology, there are now more eco-friendly ways to travel. If you want to become a more sustainable traveler, then the following tips offer different ways to travel greener.

8 Ways On How To Be A Sustainable Traveler

1. Use electric transportation

Electric vehicles, such as electric cars and commuter electric scooters, are one of the eco-friendly ways of transportation available to most commuters. Aside from this, micro-mobility devices like hoverboards have also become a popular mode of transportation, especially for short distances. Since these electric vehicles and devices don’t require fuel to run, it does not emit any harmful gases. As a result, they can help reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere and help slow down global warming in the long run.

2. Choose biofuel

If you prefer to ride a personal car or motorcycle, why not try biofuels instead? Compared to fossil fuels, biofuels are produced using sustainable organic resources. First-generation biofuels are made from sugar crops, starch crops, oilseed crops, and animal fats. Meanwhile, second-generation biofuels are made from cellulose, which can be produced from non-food crops and waste biomass such as wood and corn cobs. Lastly, third-generation biofuels use algae, but these are not yet available commercially. Biofuels can reduce pollutant emissions and resource depletion, which are the main concerns with fossil fuels.

3. Take public transportation

If riding electric mobility vehicles or a car is not an option for you, then taking public transportation is another sustainable choice. Since subways, trains, and buses move more people than cars, there are fewer emissions produced per batch of commuters. Moreover, some public transportation now uses hybrid or electric vehicles so that commuting is greener. If you can’t ride any of the transportation mentioned, then nothing beats walking and cycling for a sustainable travel experience.

4. Use solar-powered devices

During long drives or travels where there’s no available electricity, bringing solar-powered devices is an eco-friendly and convenient way to use your gadgets. For example, a solar-powered charger can power your smartphone during a long hike or long drive. Many solar-powered products are already available in the market, making it easier to make your travels eco-friendly. This is one of the sustainable travel tips that you shouldn’t forget.

5. Limit energy and water use

Whenever traveling for a vacation, sometimes people tend to enjoy every bit of it because they tend to use more water and energy at the places that they are staying. After all, they are “on vacation.” However, this overuse of energy and water negatively impacts locals, especially communities that have less of these resources. 

Bruno Correa, the founder of Bee + Hive, says,

“In a developing country, a village of 700 uses an average of 500 liters of water per month, while a luxury hotel guest uses 1,800 liters per night.”

So, when staying in a new place, keep in mind to still practice efficient energy and water use. Unplug unused devices and appliances, and turn off the water tap when brushing, just like you would at home.

6. Bring reusable items

When traveling, make sure to bring eco-friendly travel products, specifically reusable items. These include reusable bottles, straws, shopping bags, and tumblers, among many others. Bringing reusable items will help reduce your waste whenever you eat, shop, and go around. Some countries are already banning plastics, such as shopping bags and straws, and some places also charge fees if you don’t bring your own bag when shopping. So, when traveling to new places, it’s also convenient to bring reusables with you.

7. Go digital

Gone are the days when travelers carry so many papers in their bags due to hotel information, maps, and other documents you need to carry when traveling. Thanks to technology, most of this information can be stored easily on your smartphone. For example, some airlines provide a QR code for passengers as their boarding passes. So, passengers don’t have to print and show their boarding passes. They only need to scan the code on their phone. This not only saves waste but also time for travelers. So, go digital to make convenience right at your fingertips.

8. Clean as you go

Finally, make traveling greener by being more mindful of your surroundings. Wherever you go, make sure not to leave trash behind. If you do, ensure that you throw it in the proper bins for disposal. Even when you are just commuting, try to contribute to your environment by helping clean it. Cleaning the environment doesn’t take just one person. So, if everyone becomes mindful of their surroundings, then the world can be cleaner and greener.

Become a sustainable traveler

Hopefully, the tips above helped you learn how to be a sustainable traveler. Traveling is a great way to unwind and explore more of the world, but make sure that you don’t harm the environment in the process. One principle to keep in mind whenever you travel is to ask yourself how you can reduce your waste or impact wherever you go. If you follow the tips above and keep this practice to heart, then you can contribute positively to the environment. Share these steps with family and friends as well so that more people can help save the environment in their own small way.

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