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How Green Tech Helps Create Sustainable Mobility in Cities


Due to population growth, cities face challenges as they expand constantly, such as depletion of natural resources and pressure on infrastructure. However, one of its most pressing current challenges is reducing the carbon emissions from transportation, a sector that is one of the highest contributors to greenhouse gases. As a result, applying sustainable solutions becomes a need to address these urban challenges.

How Green Tech Helps Create Sustainable Mobility in Cities

One prominent solution to this issue is using green technology to develop transportation and make them sustainable. Green technologies are eco-friendly inventions that’ are concerned with energy efficiency, recycling, renewable resources, and more. In the transportation sector, green tech solutions include electric vehicles, such as eco-friendly electric scooters and e-bikes, and vehicle sharing, among others.

While many cities across the globe are already implementing green tech solutions for sustainable mobility, how exactly can green tech help these cities? Here are just some of the ways in which green tech can develop cities while conserving and preserving the environment.

Promotes sustainable transport

In the US alone, the transportation sector contributed 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2019. Using green technology, manufacturers can invent gas-free or vehicles and cities can promote shared vehicle schemes using electric vehicles. 

Compared to fueled vehicles, electric vehicles, such as eco-electric scooters or e-bikes, are more energy-efficient, which means that there’s little to no energy waste and most of the energy goes to driving the vehicle. Moreover, electric vehicles don’t produce any harmful emissions, reducing the air pollutants in cities significantly.

Producing and promoting more sustainable vehicles will offer commuters more transport options and reduce a city’s carbon emissions.

Introduces alternative fuel solutions

Green tech also provides alternative renewable sources without depleting natural resources and harming the environment. A great example is a biofuel. This refers to any fuel produced from plants, algae, or animal waste, making it an eco-friendly and readily available source of renewable energy. These biofuels also produce fewer air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, air toxins, and sulfur dioxide, among others.

Aside from its environmental benefits, biofuels adapt to different engine designs and conditions which increases a vehicle’s durability and longevity. Moreover, biofuels cost almost the same as regular fuel. However, increased demand for biofuels could make it more affordable and cost-efficient in the future. Green tech in sustainable mobility is not only concerned with a vehicle’s environmental impact but also its economic implications.

Preserves the natural environment

To create sustainable mobility in cities, green tech not only looks at the energy and vehicles but also the paths and roads. Road network design is concerned with road safety and vehicle traffic, but it has also now developed into considering the environment, aesthetics, and community interests when building roads. This means road construction will have to be mindful of the landscape, the natural resources, and green spaces for the community.

For example, the Green Road concept is a road construction approach being applied in a few countries such as India and Nepal. It recycles or reuses waste materials to develop roads. It’s also a low-cost solution since it uses locally sourced materials. Overall, using green technology, like the Green Road concept, will help reduce people’s consumption of non-renewable natural resources and help preserve the environment.

Improve transport efficiency for goods

Using technology will make transporting goods more efficient and less harmful to the environment. As product consumption increases worldwide, there is a growing need for efficient freight systems. After all, a single product may go through different transportations like plane, boat, and truck before arriving at its destination. That is a lot of fuel and carbon emissions for just one product.

Fleet management systems used by trucks are just one example of how tech can make the freight industry more sustainable. Using data, fleets can improve their fuel efficiency, resulting in fewer costs and vehicle carbon emissions. Aside from these systems, electric trucks have also started making their way into fleets which also helps further reduce the freight industry’s carbon footprint.

Enhance the people’s quality of living

Ultimately, green tech will improve people’s quality of living in cities. With more efficient and sustainable transportation, commuters can arrive at their destinations faster. For example, using an electric scooter as eco-friendly transport will allow commuters to bypass traffic, save more time on the road, and reduce carbon emissions.

Aside from this, developing and encouraging sustainable transport, such as electric cars, electric scooters, and bicycles, will reduce air pollution in cities and minimize air-related health issues. Diesel-fueled vehicles produce large concentrations of particulate matter which can accumulate in one’s respiratory system and pose health concerns. Reducing gas emissions in road transportation is also vital to keep commuters and citizens healthy. Overall, optimizing how commuters travel using different green tech solutions will make transportation more sustainable.

Green tech is key to sustainable mobility

Creating sustainable mobility in cities will rely on data and technology to increase efficiency from commutes to freight transport. Using technology to design roads and green spaces will also affect how communities will be designed in the future. Ultimately, using green tech in the transportation sector will enhance people’s access to transport, improve and optimize processes, and help reduce carbon footprint and health risks. 

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