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Eco Proof Your Home To Save Money During Summer


In today’s economy, homeowners are always looking for ways to save money. Typically, energy bills are higher during the summer months when temperatures are high and air conditioning units run almost non-stop. Often, modern properties are built with these techniques implemented so they are already very eco-friendly for residents. If you’re not looking to move house, there are a few ways to make your home more economical during the summer, which can make paying your energy bill a little less painful. This article will list just a few of these techniques to help you save money for the winter holidays!

Small solar electric systems are a pollution-free way to cool your home or office in the summer. New technology allows these small panels to use direct sunlight for energy and it even works well on cloudy days. Just how well these systems work depends on your geographic location. You want to be in a location that has the most sun for the longest period. If you choose to install a small solar electric system, be sure to choose a licensed contractor with experience installing these systems.

Another way to save energy is to install a micro wind turbine. These are sleeker versions of larger wind turbines and they are mounted on the roof of your property. Wind turbines use the power of the wind to create energy, which reduces energy usage inside the home. How well micro wind turbines work depends on where your home is located and how many buildings and trees surround your home that could block or reduce wind speeds. Ideally, you’d want a constant breeze to hit the turbine.

Homeowners who wish to save money and energy during the summer can do so on a smaller scale. Just making a few small changes will reduce energy usage and lower your bill. Washing your clothes in cold water only will cut energy use by 60 percent, which will save you around £65.00 a year.

If you really want to save money, hang your clothes out on a clothesline to dry rather than using a tumble dryer. During the hot summer months, they are likely to dry quickly, and leaving your dryer off saves about £120.00 each year. Also, get rid of “ghost” electricity usage. Every electronic device that remains plugged into an outlet in your home is using energy.

Consider purchasing an energy strip and plugging your television, DVD player, computer, and mobile phone chargers into the same strip. This makes it easy to turn off electricity with the flip of just one switch. Another factor, which could cost you money is that if your home isn’t properly sealed, your air conditioner is working harder than it should. Look around your windows and doorframes for any gaps where air could leak into or out of your home, and seal these gaps with caulk or weather stripping.

Take Notice

Taking the time to make some changes can reduce your energy usage this summer and save you money. Items such as wind turbines and solar panels are easier on the environment than fossil fuels, making them eco-friendly. Properties on The Little House Company website often have these eco-friendly aspects so check out the website if you’re looking to buy or move into an environmentally friendly house.

James Helliwell
James Helliwell
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