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Company Accountability: Why Industries are Going Green?


More and more companies today are going green and seeing benefits as well as an increase in public approval. Just because a company goes green doesn’t mean they stay that way or execute to the fullest measure. So, what are companies doing to go green and who is making sure they stay on track?

Company Accountability: Why More Industries are Going Green

Go Online to Go Green

The surprising first step many companies are taking in their drive to go green is getting their employees off the road. Telecommuting doesn’t just reduce transportation emissions, it also reduces the amount of resources used and waste generated by maintaining a huge office space. Telecommuting isn’t the only way companies are using technology to go green.

A lot of organizations are ditching the paper and putting all their document storage and creation on the cloud. The days of paper printing and copy making are coming to an end.

Pick Products Wisely

For the organizations who can’t go completely paperless or abandon the building, they are going post-consumer waste and biodegradable. Post-consumer waste is paper that is made entirely from recycled paper. Biodegradable cleaning products reduce the risk of exposing the staff and cleaning crew to harsh chemicals as well as reduces the number of toxins introduced into the environment.

Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy is perhaps the biggest and most talked about strategy for businesses going green. In fact, many companies and city planning committees are looking to hire professionals with alternative energy degrees to lead their renewable energy initiatives. For businesses who are unable to initiate their own alternative energy source, such as the installation of solar panels, they have the option in most states to purchase alternative energy through their local power company.

Reduce the Commute Impact

Not every company can sustain a telecommuting environment. For companies that need an onsite workforce, some are creating incentives for getting to work in a greener way. They have created special parking spots for hybrid cars, offer incentives or special considerations for employees who car pool, and some companies will purchase a monthly bus pass or reimburse their staff for the purchase of a bicycle so they can ride to work for free.

Now that companies have gone green what keeps them accountable and headed in the right direction? The answers are as simple as tax deductions and transparency. By taking advantage of the tax breaks and sharing the statistics of their eco-profile, companies are becoming more and more motivated to stay the course and work green.

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