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Busting 4 Renewable Energy Myths You Still Believe


Renewable Energy Myths Uncovered. Defined as “energy collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale” by Wikipedia – renewable energy is regularly pushed as the best way to aid in the longevity of our planet.

Busting 4 Renewable Energy Myths You Still Believe

But while it’s one of the most popular arguments for helping our planet, there are a few common myths regarding renewable energy.

Here, Trackway Solutions looks to uncover these myths.

Let’s get started…

Myth #1

This may seem odd considering how often it’s argued that renewable energy is good for our planet, but there are counterarguments out there.

One such complaint is noise pollution. A study, however, found that these ‘noise complaints’ rarely had anything to do with noise but were actually related to the aesthetics of the wind farms.

They were an eyesore on the land. Coal and nuclear plants, however, would surely pose more of a threat to the serene beauty of our countryside. The same study also found that these complaints often dropped off once the community understood the potential income increase that wind farms brought.

Another argument is that the farms can often harm and be detrimental to local bird and bat populations. The issue can easily be avoided though. Assessments and analysis of local bird and bat patterns should always take place before construction starts, helping avoid any impact on local wildlife entirely.

Myth #2

One myth that prevails above all others regarding renewable energy is that of cost. But in reality, renewable energy is actually a much more cost-effective option when compared to alternatives like coal or nuclear power.

Renewable energy requires very little input costs. Coal requires the purchase of the product to be used by an individual and is a resource that must be mined – a task that has an impact on the environment. Sunshine and wind don’t cost us a dime, and thanks to technological advancements, solar and wind harnessing equipment is becoming much more affordable.

Myth #3

In recent years we have seen an increase in relatively cheap and clean natural gas production. This has helped many people conclude that renewable energy might not be the most viable option when looking to secure our planet’s future.

The truth of it, however, is quite different. Rather than oppose each other, cheaper natural gas and renewable energy should complement one another. Researchers found that the most ideal and viable way to power our planet would be to harmonize the two, creating a balanced, environmentally friendly electricity production project.

Myth #4

The reliability of renewable energy is often put into question. We can’t always guarantee that the sun will shine or that the wind will blow in one specific area, limiting the potential energy farming required to power a community.

The situation in recent years has improved. Wind farms are becoming much more efficient at forecasting and integrating their power. They are also becoming better at conserving farmed energy and supplying to a much wider field. This could potentially mean a wind farm in one area, would be able to support a community that has lacked the required weather to provide power in another.

So there you have it, the four biggest myths surrounding renewable energy uncovered!

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