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Shred, Shred, Shred – Disposing Of Paper Waste Carefully As A Business


The leader of a growing business on Humberside understands how important it is to be aware of environmental issues and the impact that small businesses have on our planet.

Shred, Shred, Shred - Disposing Of Paper Waste Carefully As A Business
Shred, Shred, Shred – Disposing Of Paper Waste Carefully As A Business. Image Credit.

As any company grows it matters not what type of industry it is working within, or the processes and tasks being completed on a daily basis. One certainty in all business environments is that waste will be created; specifically paper waste.

Dealing with paper waste is an important aspect of running a business that you might not necessarily have been taught about in business school, but it is something you have to be on board with before things spiral out of control and cause a long-term problem for the growth of your business.

Work with a professional shredding company in Humberside to help you work out the best ways to securely dispose of paper waste created in your office. Working with regular collections, from safe and secure paper waste boxes or cupboards, a professional business shredding service works on a confidential basis. It allows for a business to phase into a paperless working environment, work towards strict regulations relating to data protection, and also allows for the carbon footprint of a growing company to be significantly reduced and managed.

Small and medium-sized businesses continue to be one of the major contributors to commercial waste across Europe and if you can stand out from the crowd as an environmentally aware boss of a growing Humberside company there are a few natural benefits that will come your way.

Retain and Entice Top Level Employees – If you stand out as a company that invests in ethical and environmentally aware processes and services, you’ll instantly become more attractive to the thoughtful staff of the modern age. Retaining your best employees leads to greater joined-up thinking over a longer period and allows for succession planning, whilst reducing your carbon footprint is definitely a great way to entice top talent from other companies within your industry.

Boost Brand Recognition with New Customers – A company that promotes environmentally aware policies is one that the modern-day consumer is more likely to get on board with. With just a few simple policy switches, such as shredding paper waste confidentially, your suppliers and customers will warm to your company and your brand recognition could improve significantly as a result.

Comply with Data Protection Regulations – With the Data Protection Act and the upcoming GDPR ensuring that all businesses have to be aware of securely storing information relating to employees, customers, and suppliers, a confidential shredding service is a great way to dispose of paper waste. For many companies, they will have time stamp warnings on certain documentation that has to be destroyed efficiently and securely once it is no longer pertinent to the company’s business interests. Utilizing the skills of a shredding service will allow a growing company to dispose of data in the correct, legally compliant fashion.

As you can see there are a number of administrative and reputational advantages to hiring the services of a local, confidential shredding service for your business

-Jamie Lane

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