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Top 10 Solar Energy Projects Around the World


Slowly but surely, solar energy is making progress as a legitimate form of energy. Not only are governments using it to harness power for their respective municipalities, but, in addition, private businesses are using it to cut down on energy costs. 

As such, more and more solar energy projects are popping up throughout the world, some of which are small and some of which are happening on a grand scale.

Interested in learning about some of these projects? Then read on. We’re going to discuss the top 10 solar power projects around the world today. 

Top 10 Solar Energy Projects Around the World

1. Solar Plant in Chernobyl

We all remember the nuclear accident that occurred at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. It, more than anything, showed the need for alternative energy sources. 

Well, now, in 2019, Chornobyl is on the opposite end of the spectrum, sporting a solar power plant that could potentially generate as much as 100 MW of solar energy. And while this certainly isn’t the biggest solar energy project in the world, it’s arguably the most poetic. 

2. Benban’s Solar Park  

The most impactful of the world’s solar projects is the Solar Park in Benban, Egypt. Under construction, as we speak, it’s intended to produce a total of 1650 Mwp. This would make it the largest solar park in the entire world. 

The park exists on approximately 14 square miles of land and is expected to cost around $4 billion US dollars upon completion. It’s owned by the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) 

3. Cochin International Airport in Cochin, India 

India’s Cochin International Airport is one of the biggest in the country; the 7th biggest, to be exact. It’s also operated entirely on solar power, making it the first and — thus far — the only airport to hold such a distinction. 

However, Cochin International doesn’t only power itself. It helps to power the areas around it as well. 

In total, the airport has a solar capacity of 29.5 MW, allowing it to produce 120,000 units of energy on a daily basis. With any luck, other airports will begin to follow Cochin’s lead. 

4. Solar Bike Path in Krommenie, Netherlands 

One of the problems with generating solar energy is that you need space in which to generate it. The government of Krommenie, Netherlands understood this problem and got around it by building solar panels into one of its bike paths in 2014. Known as SolaRoad, the bike path generated approximately 3,000 kWh in its first half-year, a figure much higher than expected. 

Due to the success of SolaRoad, France decided to create a solar bike path of its own. And while these solar bike paths don’t generate substantial amounts of energy, they do serve as a space-efficient way to add to a country’s total solar production. 

5. Sungrow Solar Farm in Huainan, China 

One of the most unique solar projects is the Sungrow Solar Farm in Huainan, China. Consisting of water and solar panels which sit atop a collapsed mine, it generates 40 total MW of solar energy. 

6. Solar Bus in Adelaide, Australia 

Public transportation is not only expensive but harmful to the environment as well. The government in Adelaide, Australia understands this and is trying to get around the problem by making use of solar-powered buses. 

The city’s first solar-powered bus, the Tindo, can travel up to 125 miles on a single charge, all the while providing WiFi and air conditioning to its 40 passengers. Its success is a sign of things to come in many cities throughout the world. 

7. Renewable Energy Project in Tokelau 

There is one country in the world that’s run entirely on solar power and that country is Tokelau. How does Tokelau manage to use solar power exclusively? By being one of the smallest countries in existence. 

Sporting a population of roughly 1,500, Tokelau doesn’t possess anywhere near the energy needs of countries like Germany, or New Zealand, or even small states like Rhode Island. 

Nonetheless, Tokelau’s use of solar energy is inspiring, so inspiring, in fact, that it’s spurred other small island countries — such as Ta’u — to pursue solar energy as well. 

8. Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project in Nye County, Nevada 

If ever you were to build a solar farm in the United States, you would most likely build it in Nevada. After all, Nevada is a spacious state with tons of open land, all of which is subjected to ample amounts of sunlight. In essence, it’s solar power heaven. 

As such, Nevada is home to one of the most intriguing solar farms in the world: the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project. Located in Nye County, it consists of thousands of upward-standing solar panels, all of which face a majestic tower receptor. Sprawled out across 296 acres of land, it has a capacity of 110 MW.  

9. Solar Road in Jinan, China 

Think of how much solar power we could generate if every road in existence contained solar panels. Considering that the United States alone contains over 4 million miles of road, the effect would be substantial. 

However, the question is: is the technology even there? Can solar panels be built into roads? The answer is yes, and there’s a road in existence to prove it: Jinan, China’s Solar Road.

Constructed in 2017, this kilometer-long road proves that it’s possible to build solar panels into our roadways. 

10. Canal Solar Power Project in Gujarat, India 

Perhaps the most effective of the world’s solar projects is the Canal Solar Power Project in Gujarat, India. Consisting of thousands of solar panels installed over the area’s many canals, this project simultaneously generates solar power and prevents evaporation. 

The expected result of this project? The saving of billions of gallons of water every year in addition to the creation of 2,200 MW of solar energy. 

Learn About More Solar Energy Projects

Solar energy is taking off in a big way. As such, the projects discussed above comprise only a small sample of what’s happening in the solar realm.

If you’re interested in learning about more solar energy projects, you’re in the right place. EARTHAVA is the web’s go-to spot for information on clean energy and the environment. 

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