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Solar Innovations: How Solar Energy is Changing the World


With the continued depletion of the world’s natural resources, many people believe that the future of the Earth is renewable energy. After all, there is no other source of energy that is comparable to the sun, which is available in every part of the world.

Solar Innovations: How Solar Energy is Changing the World

Over time, solar energy has become a universal source of energy that can power anything ranging from machines, devices, and applications such as general ledger accounting software, and innovators around the globe are looking for ways to harness renewable energy.

You can harvest it by installing solar panels on rooftops, mobile phones, clothing, and vehicles. Below are some of the advances in renewable energy and solar innovations that are likely to change the world.

Solar Transport

Solar energy has been instrumental in the rapid transformation of transport systems both on the road and in the air. Vehicles, planes, and trains are exposed to the sun’s rays while in motion, and scientists are looking for ways to harness this power. With the recent advent of electric cars, automakers will soon capitalize on solar energy as their primary source of power. For example, the first solar-powered plane, the solar impulse 2, is already being flown. It can operate at night around the world, and all its trips are powered by the sun. The Netherlands has recently commissioned a solar road that has the potential to generate as much as 3000 kWh of electricity, which is enough to power a household with a maximum of one person for an entire year.

Portable Solar

Developing countries and regions that are recovering from catastrophic events such as floods and earthquakes are using alternative sources of energy such as solar energy for safety, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. Organizations such as the United Nations and the Red Cross have invested millions of dollars in portable solar panels that can provide charging power and light for their disaster recovery team. Mobile solar power systems come with kits that relief workers can use to collect and store energy. Soon, innovators will use solar-powered 3D printers to provide life-saving medical supplies in areas affected by disasters.

Mirrored Solar Dishes

With all the benefits that solar power comes with, many people still wonder why it isn’t the only source of energy in the world. The reason this hasn’t happened is due to the high cost of making solar equipment. It isn’t easy to harvest the sun’s energy in places like the desert where the sun is hot and use it in households. However, innovators believe that mirrored solar dishes could soon make it cheaper to harvest the sun’s energy. It’s a low-cost device that innovators can use to concentrate the sun’s energy 2000 times. It uses a mirror that can aim the rays of the run to a small area, and its concave shape helps to get as much light as possible as the Earth revolves around the sun. Its concave shape also makes it more energy-efficient than any other solar panel system.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great source of energy for anyone looking to save money and the planet simultaneously. The cost of solar panels are reasonable and it is an investment that will save the buyer money for the better part of two decades. More and more companies are investing in solar panels to bring their costs down. Solar panels have been around for years, but due to breakthroughs in solar energy, solar panels have become accessible to everyone, bringing power to people that have not had access to energy, ever.

Smart Meters

Another way solar energy is changing the world is by linking to smart meters. This helps to conserve energy in many ways. For example, heating for most homes will be one of the largest expenditures of energy. There are many times in the winter months that a family may leave heaters running a little longer than absolutely necessary. This practice can waste both energy and water. The installation of a smart meter could remedy this situation.

A smart meter can be set to turn on the heat or another energy type only when needed by the family. This could mean, for example, turning on the heat one hour before a family returns to their home, or turning it off one hour before they are scheduled to leave the home. Smart meters are a great way to save on the cost of energy while decreasing the carbon footprint of a home. When linked to solar panels, the savings are unparalleled.

Solar Desalination

Desalination involves the removal of unwanted minerals from contaminated water for agricultural use and consumption. Over time, innovators have developed a solar-powered machine that can pull the impurities out of the water to turn salty water into drinking water. The device also uses ultraviolet rays to disinfect water and purify it. It’s unfortunate that many parts of the world still don’t have access to clean, fresh water, and yet water covers 70% of the surface of the Earth.

Grid Batteries

Besides the high cost of solar equipment, energy storage technology is the other challenge that renewable solar energy faces. Energy storage is critical to the growth of solar energy technology, and it’s the inspiration behind the recent introduction of grid batteries. These batteries are more efficient at storing solar energy than other cells. The best way to guarantee a steady energy flow that is cheaper than fossil energy is to combine solar technology and grid batteries. People with roofs that aren’t right for PV panels can share solar panels with their neighbors at a cost that is lower than paying for other power sources.


The desire expressed by many to do their part to conserve the environment is admirable. A great way to add benefit to this cause is to look more into renewable energy sources. This article was written to show the many benefits of solar energy, which is just one type of renewable energy. By looking into alternative energy sources and seeing how they are changing the world, little by little we will save our planet.

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