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6 Questions To Ask Before Installing Solar Panels


Installing solar panels in your home as an alternative energy source can have tremendous benefits if you do it right and engage the service of professionals. However, if you don’t research and find the right information, you could end up costing yourself more than you would save, and installing solar photovoltaic cells (PVCs) isn’t cheap. So, before you dive into equipping your home with solar panels, you should ask yourself the following questions:

6 Questions To Ask Before Installing Solar Panels

Why Do I Need This?

The simplest and most basic question before any purchase: Why is it needed? Many people opt for solar panels because they will help them save energy and reduce their energy bills. It is very possible to cut the costs of power without installing solar panels, but solar PVC combined with other methods can pay off in dividends.

How Does This Add to the Value of My Home?

If you’re looking to flip the property later on and are wondering if solar panels can help increase the value of your home, the answer is almost always yes. Homes are generally assessed using many factors. One of them is its energy-saving capacity and the possibility of reduced energy costs.

Solar panels generally help lower energy costs, reduce your reliance on electricity from your power company, help you get the best from your energy, promote green living –something everyone is conscious of these days, and allow you to generate your own electricity. These always look good on your home and will surely up the value of the home.

Will the Performance Be Top Notch?

The performance of your solar panels will first rely on the components your supplier or contractor provides. Weak or substandard components will typically result in reduced performance and even cost you more money.

That being said, you should also be wary of performance claims made by the contractors. Most newly installed solar panels can show a lot of promise during the test phase, but not perform well when you start using them. So, it is always important to clearly differentiate between practical application and controlled testing.

The traits you’re most concerned with are the average daily output, possible annual output, and peak output. Compare this data to the amount of power you use on a regular basis (your power company should have access to this information), and the expected costs of your solar power system. If you get more power for every dollar you spend on solar energy than you do from other sources? Then you’ve got solid performance.

Is There a Valid Warranty?

For such a big-ticket purchase, you want to be absolutely sure that the warranty is valid. Most solar panel installation companies will typically offer you a warranty of at least 25 years. What you want to be sure of is if the warranty will be honored at any time within the stated 25 years. You want a contractor that will have someone out to your place within 24 hours after you have made contact.

Are There Any Financial Benefits Apart from the Savings in Energy Costs?

Installing solar panels often provides you with some financial rewards. Sure, terms like energy rebates and feed-in tariffs sound like a handful, but the truth is they aren’t as complex as you think they are. That said, ask your contractor about any possible financial incentives. They will be able to properly explain it to you.

Can I Afford a Full or Partial Installation?

This honestly depends on your technical know-how and your DIY skills. That being said, you may want to leave this to the technicians to take care of. So, let them do the full installation if you can afford it. Partial installations by the company and then yourself could void the warranty on the panels.

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