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The Benefits of Bamboo Tree: A Renewable Resource for a Greener Planet


Bamboo Tree – Renewable Energy Source and So Much More. A long time ago, some significant changes in temperatures, air quality, and the quality of life on Earth in general were discovered. Over the centuries, people had an enormous effect on the planet, and the results are not good.

Pollution and global warming are just some of the problems that have occurred that have to be stopped immediately, or at least reduced. As people are trying to be more eco-friendly and save our planet from destruction, they started using different materials for clothing, furniture, and heating, and one of the most popular plants used for these purposes is bamboo. If you wonder why bamboo is so eco-friendly and in which ways you can use it to contribute to the “green movement”, here you can read more about it.

Why Bamboo?

The Benefits of Bamboo Tree: A Renewable Resource for a Greener Planet

Many people associate bamboo with panda food and believe that it only grows in China. However, there are many types of bamboo that grow all over the world. The special thing about bamboo is that it can be used instead of wood, because it grows ten times faster, matures faster, and therefore causes less damage to the environment.

Cutting bamboo

instead of trees will stop deforestation that over the years led to damaging the air quality. Another thing is that bamboo does not require pesticides and fertilizers to contribute to its growth, and the soil is not destroyed by its cultivation. Most importantly, it is a biodegradable material, so if you do have something made of it that you need to throw away, it will decompose much faster and will not cause much harm to the Earth.

Alternative Energy Source

Because of it biological and chemical composition, some species of bamboo like Gimsung and Tong have been harvested and used for generating electricity in Thailand. It also has good CO2 absorption, which means two things: it contributes to greater oxygen production and it is used to produce clean energy in biomass power plants. Finally, for some tribes in Africa, people use bamboo for cooking instead of firewood.


Lately, famous designers, and the fashion industry in general, have tried to be greener by using more eco-friendly materials. First of all, they have incorporated organic cotton, and avoid using leather and fur in their collections. Another novelty is bamboo clothing, which as its name indicates refers to clothing items whose fabric has been made out of bamboo.

From underwear, shirts, and towels to accessories, thanks to its versatility, this plant has worked its way up the fashion ladder quite quickly. The fact that it is as soft as cashmere and that it is antibacterial, antifungal, and odor-resistant made it one of the most popular fabrics nowadays.


Bamboo has also become popular in furniture production and as a flooring material, as it is resistant to termites and other annoying pests. From tables, chairs, wardrobes, and cabinets, bamboo can be incorporated into your whole household.

Another interesting fact about bamboo is that, even though it has a hollow structure, it is stronger than
steel and that is why it can be used in construction for support. Probably not many people realize all the advantages of bamboo, so you need to be the one to incorporate it into your daily life, spread the word, and save the planet.

Ariel Bellamy
Ariel Bellamy
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