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Transform Your Space: 5 Creative Cable Spool Stool Ideas


Cable spools are one of the more versatile items that can be used for upcycling. Because of their various sizes and materials, they are also sturdy enough for different types of furniture, and I have seen a ton of examples of reusing them for everything from tables to headboards. Especially the larger wood ones that can have more weight applied without breaking.

Transform Your Space: 5 Creative Cable Spool Stool Ideas

But a new type of project I have seen a lot of in the last year or so is the spool stool. Some are more elaborate than others, and occasionally you will find one that didn’t work like the crafty maker intended. These are five examples that worked.

Upholstered and Fancy

Upholstered and Fancy stool

I love the fabric they used for this stool. It is both elegant and attractive, and the muted blue makes it appeal much softer than something more stark like black patterns on white would have been.

I also love the way it matches the lamp sitting on the table. This would be a simple upholstery job, but it looks rather professional. It just shows what a little time and innovation can do.


Bookcase Stool

Admittedly, this one is not a stool. But it uses one of the thicker wooden spools, so I feel like it could be. If you just used the top as a seat, it would make a nice reading spot for a kid in particular.

The top could even be upholstered to make it more comfortable. All of this would work without affecting the bottom area where you would keep the books. Just imagine this as a little reading area for your child.

Mushroom Caps

Mushroom Caps stool

I was amazed to find out that the creator of these stools only paid $24 for the materials for both of them. They are incredibly cute, making a little green mushroom stool with some very easy steps. I am not very good at making furniture. But I feel I could make these myself, thanks to their helpful pictures of each part of the process.

Cardboard Spools

Cardboard Spools

These are my favorites on the list. Made by a furniture designer, the spools themselves are a sturdy cardboard and the design is nothing but ribbon and string. I love how colorful they are, and while something like this wouldn’t be very practical thanks to the material it is made of, they certainly would be gorgeous decorations.

Foot Stool

Foot Stool

I think these are adorable. There are a lot of much smaller spools, and they are the least likely to be reused. But I had never before considered making step stools out of them.

This is surprising because looking at them I realize they are at the perfect height. I don’t much like the fabric or fringe used, but you could make these out of anything.

Have you seen any cool stools made out of cable spools? Want to show us your project? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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