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5 Of The Most Effective Green Marketing Strategies


As the consequences of global warming have become more than obvious, many people started developing Eco-consciousness, which influenced the creation of numerous green companies. If you own a small eco-friendly company, have you ever wondered how this phenomenon could influence your business? Well, that means that you will have a larger and more powerful competition. If you don’t want your company to be suppressed by others, you need to advertise it with your eco-friendly attitude.

5 Of The Most Effective Green Marketing Strategies

When it comes to green marketing, you need to be very careful. You are probably familiar with the term “greenwashing,” which refers to using green marketing strategies to create a false impression of your company. Numerous corporations represent themselves as eco-companies, but they don’t act according to what they say.

5 Of The Most Effective Green Marketing Strategies

No matter what your company is about- clothes, food, drinks, or furniture, you must do everything to find perfect harmony between your ideas and products. If you want to beat your competition and gain a lot of loyal clients, you need to attract their attention and to influence their emotions. For them, your company isn’t just about a fancy logo or colorful newsletters. It’s much more than that. It represents your passion and willingness to help our planet. Here are some of the most effective green marketing strategies.

Electronic and Hybrid Cars

As an owner of a small green company, you are the one who should represent it in the best possible way. One of the most prominent ways to do that is by replacing your fuel-efficient car for as long as you drive it, no one will consider your green business true. That is exactly why you need to replace it with an electronic and hybrid car.

Your employees also need to present your company in a better light. You need to motivate them to act and think green. For example, you can ask them to start driving electronic cars. If they are not impressed with that idea, they could try carpooling, going by bus, or riding a bike. All these methods will lessen the usage of fuel and lower air pollution.

Electronic Press Kit

In the era of the internet, you don’t have to spend exhaustible yet precious resources such as wood on printing your company’s materials. On the contrary, you can simply make an electronic press kit which will help the media write stories about your business. You could simply send it to all media dealing with such topics or put it on your website. An electronic press kit should entail company history, brochures, a list of employees, various photos, and press videos that are important for your company’s activism.


Instead of spending tons of paper on printing out newsletters and flyers, you could simply send them via e-mail, which is faster and cheaper. Through them, you will easily send important information to your faithful consumers. Shifting to e-newsletters has numerous advantages. Firstly, it depicts you as a modern and ambitious company that is ready for new developments and achievements. Also, you will advertise the company and prove your green business intentions.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog is one of the most effective ideas. A blog would be a place where your clients can find all important pieces of information, new brochures, activities, suggestions, and various photos. Also, they could freely pose numerous questions and get straightforward information quickly. Rule number one: Connect with your followers on a personal level and they will LOVE your products. Prove to them that you appreciate their loyalty by providing them with exclusive information that cannot be found anywhere else.

Promotional Material

If you want to advertise your company, you need to pay attention to the promotional material. Since your company is green, you need to find some interesting customized items and luckily, their choice is really wide. For example, you can give your customers promotional gifts like an eco-notebook, writing set, recycled pens, seed pots, as well as a shower timer with your company’s logo. These gifts will promote your company and express their eco-awareness.

As you can see, numerous green marketing strategies need to be used carefully. They all have one goal- to promote your green business and not to let people believe that you are a fraud. Using these tips, you will advertise your company successfully.

Diana Smith
Diana Smith
I'm a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a great animal lover interested in ecology and sustainable energy related topics.

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