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6 Things You Need To Know About Wind Turbines


A wind turbine is a device that uses wind energy to produce mechanical energy, this mechanical energy converted into electrical energy.  It consists of a large wheel rotated by the wind, This rotation helps to produce energy and generating electricity.

It also referred to windmill or wind generator, there isn’t a major difference between them, As I said wind turbines make mechanical energy by the wind and convert it into electrical energy, Windmill uses this mechanical energy for pumping out water or for grinding purpose, Whilst wind generator works on producing electrical energy.

There Are 6 Things people need to know about wind turbines, And they are included Below, Keep Reading!

Who invented wind turbine? When?

Charles F. Brush

Wind turbine was invented by an American inventor Charles Francis Brush. He created the first wind turbine in the world in 1888. It was weighed 80000 pounds and was 60 feet tall.

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Wind turbine is a pretty large which has 2 or 3 blades rotated by the wind and these rotation produces a mechanical energy that converted into electric energy. factories start to provides homes withe this electrical energy.

in order for this process to happen the wind turbines should be in a very large empty area ,also the wind speed must be 10 miles per hour.

the wind turbines also should be 30 meters above the ground. all of that to make it easier to produce a large amount of electricity.

What Are The Types Of Wind Turbines

There are two different kinds of wind turbines, let’s take a look

Horizontal axis wind turbines
  • Horizontal axis wind turbines
    The blades in this wind turbine rotate along a horizontal axis
Vertical axis wind turbines
  • Vertical axis wind turbines
    The blades in this wind turbine rotate along a vertical axis.
    The Horizontal axis wind turbines are more commonly used also they are more efficient than the vertical axis wind turbines.

What Are The Advantages Of Wind Turbines

Wind turbines have so many major advantages, it’s a shame the most people around the world now haven’t take the advantage of wind turbines for guaranteed yet, anyway let’s take a look at these advantages

  • Power – Saving
    wind turbines use free energy, wind energy. so they help save power for the rest of the world.
  • Low – Cost
    The only cost is installing the wind turbine plus the cost for maintenance, otherwise, there is no additional cost. so you can generate electricity for free not only that but no more money wasted on electricity bills every month.
  • Environment – Friendly
    wind turbines are absolutely very friendly to the environment, they don’t emit any harmful gases that have bad effects on the environment nor on people who are living around them.
  • Be – Independent
    Installation wind turbines help you live off the grid, help you generate your electricity, and be independent. This also would save you from any power outage and helps you cut your electricity bill up to 80%.

What Are Pre – Requisites That Should Be Considered For Installing A Wind Turbine?

Installing a wind turbine would be extremely beneficial for the whole world, If we implementing it in the correct way we would help ourselves and help the rest of the world save energy and save money also.

But before decided to install wind turbine , there are  pre – requisites we should be aware of ,let’s take a look at them

  • Wind turbines should be built in an acre areas.
  • Wind speed must be 11 miles per hour.
  • Wind turbines should be built 30 meters above the ground.

These conditions might not available for most people ,so most people go for solar panels as they are more easier to install ,but there are might be a few people that has no problems with these condition and it’s easy for the them to install it. YEAH variety is the spice of life!

Wind Turbine Cost

  • Wind turbines costs are different from type to type depending on its size, shape, and so on.
  • Wind turbines which are 2 megawatts in size would cost from 1.3 million dollars to 2 million dollars.
  • Wind turbines that are under 100 kilowatt would cost from 3000 dollars to 8000 dollars per kilowatt.
  • A 10 Kilowatt wind turbine is very ideal for generating electricity to a large home.
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