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How Students Can Help Protect The Earth?


The world is experiencing global warming, a serious environmental problem that results in unnatural calamities around the world. Recently, experts found that the ice sheet in the Antarctic is already in an irreversible state. It is fast melting because of the heating of the Earth.

How Students Can Help Protect The Earth?

Despite this report, experts still believe that humans can do something to avoid further damage to the ice cap. And the people who are best to help solve the problem are the youth.

The students are the grassroots, who will live on the earth in the coming years. They may be young, and immature, but they have a great power to save the world from getting drowned by the melting ice in the north pole.

From the simplest to the grandest acts, students can do many things to protect their future habitat. Here are a few things that they can do to help:

Join Green Programs

There are many environmental groups around your community and in your school, that you can be part of. Be active in participating in these programs, like tree planting and clean-up drives. You can also join efforts started by your schools just like Green Living Certification by The Green Campus Partnership. This program targets college students at Pennsylvania State University. It applies to reward incentives and community pressure.

Individually, students can get free drinks and freebies that will entice them to support the program. Stickers are also posted around the campus, reminding students of their responsibilities to help the earth.

The university’s environmental sustainability coordinator, Dan Garofalo said “These are habits that you set up in your teens and twenties, that hopefully become second nature … leading to 30, 50 years of sustainable living,” This proves how important students are in this global campaign.

Learn To Segregate Waste

Everyone knows how improper waste management has resulted in up-scale environmental effects, yet people don’t proactively do something about it. Not only does this lead to great land pollution, but it also leads to water and air pollution. Experts point out that “30 billion foam cups, 220 million tires, and 1.8 billion disposable diapers.” complete the American solid waste.

If students learn to segregate waste properly, they can pass the habit to many people. Their family and friends can learn something from them and eventually the community. Waste segregation helps to easily identify which items can still be reused, recycled, or made into compost.

Up-scale Recyclable Materials

With students’ creativity and network connection, upscaling items can not only help the earth, but it can also provide them with extra income. Many students are already selling these materials in online shops like Etsy. You can also sell your items at school fairs or community markets. Students often work on their essays and papers. Instead of throwing the paper, they can use it to design bookmarks, wrappers, boxes, and more.

Take The Awareness Online

Students are tech-savvy. They spend more time online than spending time with real people. Because of the internet’s global reach, students can use this to help create widespread environmental awareness. Here are a few ways they can use the internet.

Start a blog: Students can start blogs and share them with other people. By this, they can encourage their friends and readers to do what they are doing.

Join social media sites: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are really famous around the world. Trending a topic and getting lots of shares will help your advocacy reach more people.

Make viral videos and memes
: Videos and pictures are efficient ways to encourage people. Adding humor catches more. Students are skilled in creating captivating and interesting videos that will attract many viewers.

Study Hard

To really help conserve the environment, students should study hard today, so that they can use what they learn in saving the world in the future. Who knows, they might be future engineers who create safer energy in the future. They might be future world leaders who have the power to create stricter environmental laws. Learn all you can while you are in school. Take this opportunity to study how well you can build a sustainable world.

Students have more to worry about than their essays, exams, and grades. The world is theirs to worry about too. Because it’s their future that is at stake, they should follow the tips opened above. Even with their simple ways, the world can be saved, and the people of the world will have a greener future.

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