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10 Of The Most Amazing Wind Turbine Farms



I Am the one who into photography but also into Renewable Energy, So I combined those two things together and picked these interesting wind turbine farms photos. Hope you love it!

1- Yabmana, South Australia, AustraliaAustralia Wind Farm

2- Bangui, Ilocos Region, PhilippinesBangui Wind Farm

3- Arlington, Wyoming, United Stateswind-farm

4- Klinkstein, Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyThe Alternative Path

5- South Cobbinshaw, Scotland, United KingdomClimpy, Scotland

6- Manawatu, New ZealandTe Apiti Wind Farm, Manawatu, New Zealand


8- Goldendale, Washington, United StatesWind Farming

9- Livermore, California, United StatesI hope you like it

10- Klondike, Oregon, United States – Photographer :- Scott RipleyWind farm near Wasco, Oregon

Photos Credit:- Flickr.com

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