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The 10 Best GreenHouse kits Of 2022


If you are a gardening freak; who wants to start with sustainable gardening and enjoys the natural and authentic taste of homegrown vegetables and fruits, there is no better way to grow them than in a greenhouse. Backyard greenhouse kits offer a warm and stable environment where you can grow crops regardless of it is in winter, autumn, or summer.

The 10 Best GreenHouse kits For Producing Organic Food

They are normally covered with glass, clear plastic or clear polythene, which is a perfect way to conserve heat while also ensuring that optimum sunlight reaches your crops. These conditions create an ideal environment where several varieties of crops can thrive.

Now that you are a newcomer to greenhouse kits, you might be wondering, where am I going to begin? Anyone can have a greenhouse for whatever reason. They come in several styles, types, and costs for every aspiring or upgrading gardener. You only need to be well aware of the purpose of your greenhouse. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision.

How do Greenhouses Work?

How do GreenHouses Work?
How do GreenHouses Work?

Greenhouses depend on passive solar energy. When the sun’s ray hits the glass of the greenhouse it causes the temperature to rise inside of it when it is cold outside. This provides a nice environment for the vegetable or any plants to grow efficiently.

How Do You Get Started With Greenhouse Kits?

purchasing greenhouse kits is the easy bit, deciding which type you want, where to locate it or which design fits you is the harder part of the process. Ask for advice from everyone but don’t forget the golden rule! Go big if you can afford it. I can assure you that you won’t regret that decision. Cheap and weak greenhouses will just fade with time.

1. Identify an open and sunny site

It is very important to identify a spot where the greenhouse will receive as much sunlight as possible. Note that All sides need to be. Setting it in an east-west orientation is perfect but if you can’t achieve that there is no reason to fret. Any other direction will do. Avoid identifying a spot with big structures which can cast a shadow on the greenhouse. Keep away from trees, buildings, walls, hedges or anything you feel might prevent ample sunlight from reaching the greenhouse.

2. Decide How big you are willing to go

This will depend on the type of crops you will be growing and also your budget. Enough height is important if you are considering growing climbers.

3. The type of material you want your greenhouse to be built of

What type of material do you want your greenhouse to be built of? Typically, greenhouses can be made of plastic or glass. If you are in allocation with the risk of breakages, tempered glass or plastic can be used.

4. Ensure there is a reliable source of Water

Water is a crucial necessity for anything to grow. Before you can even think of contacting a supplier, ensure that there is a reliable source of water. If you are in for luxurious in-greenhouse water supply, you will some plumbing. Watering techniques come in different types. If you are usually not around your home, a semi-automatic system will come in handy.

What Are The Types Of Greenhouse Kits & How Do You Choose The Right One?

The 10 Best GreenHouse kits For Chemical Free Food
The 10 Best GreenHouse kits For Chemical Free Food

Greenhouse kits come in several sizes, shapes, and designs. This selection wholly depends on your preferences, budget and the crops you want in the greenhouse.

1. Freestanding Greenhouse

This is an independent structure that can harbor several gardening tools and plants. They are the most common and largest types of greenhouses. Ideal for gardeners who want to go it big. If you also want to grow different types of crops, this should be your choice since it has the tools and space. Easily manageable despite the fact that they are big.

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[amazon box=”B00M5J2B88″ title=”Rion: 6′ x 12′, 2 Twin Wall Greenhouse”]
[amazon box=”B00OU69FVU” title=”Grandio: Ascent 8×8 Greenhouse Kit – 6mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate”]

2. Glazed Freestanding Greenhouse

Glazed greenhouses are similar to freestanding with the exception of the building material. They are strictly built of plastic. They are affordable and provide room for growing several plants. The disadvantage of these greenhouses is that they wear out quickly and are subject to extreme weather changes. Perfect for gardeners who want several crops but are on a budget.

[amazon box=”B000EHYQC2″ title=”Flower House: SpringHouse Greenhouse”]
[amazon box=”B07X3B5455″ title=”YOUKE: Walk-in Greenhouse PE Cloth Plastic Cover”]

3. Attached (Lean-To) Greenhouse

Lean to greenhouses are designed to share a wall with an already existing building. If the wall is made of bricks, it will offer more insulation preventing heat loss. If you are on a low budget or you have limited space, a lean-to greenhouse will be a good option.

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4. Window-Mounted Greenhouse

These are small, compact, and very economical to build and maintain. They are designed to fit on an outside window of a house in such a way that they can be accessed from any direction. Such a greenhouse is ideal if your yard is facing a north-south direction. Perfect for you if you want something small and effective but on a low budget.

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Greenhouse accessories and how to use them

Buying a greenhouse structure is not the end but just the beginning of this journey. There are several accessories you need to buy to ensure that the greenhouse runs smoothly. I have identified a few of the most basic to keep you acquainted.

1. Ventilation system

A ventilation system is used to regulate temperatures inside a greenhouse. This comes in handy if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions.

[amazon box=”B078N314V5″ title=”PrimeGarden: Inline Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo + Variable Fan Speed Controller + Hygrometer Thermometer + 24 Hour Timer Outlet for Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation System”]

2. Irrigation system

This system is responsible for automating feeding and watering cycles.

[amazon box=”B079LFKZX6″ title=”MIXC: 1/4-inch Mist Irrigation Kits Accessories Plant Watering System”]

3. Benching and shelving systems

These can be vertical or horizontal. They are used to hold potted plants which increase growing space.

Benefits of having a greenhouse

1. Plants grow in a protected environment

Unlike in backyard gardens, gardeners don’t have to worry about pests or extreme weather conditions such as high winds, blizzards, and snow.

2. Multipurpose uses

Several crops can be planted in a greenhouse at a go since most of them are potted. Greenhouses can also be used as stores.

3. Save on Grocery Bills

Producing your own vegetables and fruits will greatly reduce your grocery bills. There is also the thrill of consuming healthy homegrown products at a low cost.

4. Control of Produce

Unlike in commercial farms, you have full control of what you use in your greenhouse kits. You don’t have to use carcinogenic chemicals and pesticides.

5. Saving the environment

Using the eco-friendly approach to grow your own vegetables and fruits will not only allow you to enjoy chemical-free food but also will reduce your carbon footprints because you will no longer buy groceries that are heavily sprayed with harmful pesticides which contribute to global warming.


By now, I am sure that you have learned a thing or two regarding greenhouses. If you feel that you badly need greenhouse kits, Start now. Otherwise, keep coming for more ways and tips on how to care for our environment.

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If you are a gardening freak; who wants to start with sustainable gardening and enjoys the natural and authentic taste of homegrown vegetables and fruits, there is no better way to grow them than in a greenhouse. Backyard greenhouse kits offer a warm and...The 10 Best GreenHouse kits Of 2022