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8 Environmental Benefits of Planting Trees You Need to Know


In 2017, our planet lost one football field of forest per second.

Deforestation is indeed one of the most significant environmental issues of our time and one that significantly contributes to climate change.

8 Environmental Benefits of Planting Trees You Need to Know

Here’s the thing: humans are the reason behind deforestation. 

From logging trees for several materials to practicing intensive agriculture, starting fires, harvesting trees for palm oil, and more – many human activities destroy a vast number of trees.

But there’s also good news: humans are also the solution.

So what can you do to fight this issue and do your part in combating climate change? The answer is pretty simple: start planting trees! Keep reading to find out all the benefits of planting trees.

Trees Help Fight Climate Change

If we plant one trillion trees, we’ll be able to fight climate change. That’s a lot of trees, we know. But if we all commit to doing our part, it’s nothing we can’t do.

So how exactly do trees help combat climate change?

Carbon dioxide levels have been increasing for years and, in February of 2019, they reached a new record. Through photosynthesis, trees can counter this tendency, by absorbing carbon dioxide and returning oxygen to Earth.

This is considered to be such a powerful weapon against climate change that scientists have even started to consider the possibility of using artificial photosynthesis for this purpose.

Trees Clean the Air

Green leaves have tiny “windows” on them called stomata, through which they let carbon dioxide in and oxygen out.

Through those same windows, leaves also absorb pollutant gases, such as ozone and carbon monoxide, and remove harmful particulates from the air. By doing so, they purify the air we breathe.

Trees Prevent Soil Erosion

When you plant a tree, its root grows far and deep into the soil, which helps hold it in place.

Furthermore, the branches and leaves protect the soil from rain and wind, which could otherwise cause severe damage to it. The foliage also plays an important role in protecting the soil from rain. It catches the water and channels it into the land — this way the water penetrates the ground, instead of aggressively swamping it. 

Trees Reduce Noise

When we think about pollution, loud noise is probably not the first thing that comes to our minds.

However, this kind of pollution represents one of the biggest health risks in urban areas. Between cars honking, people talking, and all the loud sounds coming from construction sites, the noise that accumulates is not good for us.

Eventually, noise pollution leads to stress, sleep problems, and hearing loss, among other health issues. 

Since trees can absorb loud noises, if planted in the right spots around your house, they can protect you from all the commotion happening outside.

Certain Animals Need Trees to Live

Deforestation affects plenty of animal species for one simple reason: they lose their homes. This problem has reached an unbelievable scale, as within the past 50 years we’ve managed to kill 60% of animal populations.

It’s easy to understand how taking away the habitat of innocent animals is simply unfair.

And in the end, animal extinction also affects humans. Biodiversity is out of balance, and every time we eliminate a species from Earth, the way its ecosystem functions is forever altered. 

As more and more species disappear, more and more ecosystems are affected, and it’s only a matter of time before humans truly suffer the consequences too.

You’ll Save Money

Our planet isn’t the only one that can benefit from the plantation of more trees: you can too.

If you have a backyard where you can plant your trees, there are two ways in which you can save money.

Firstly, you’ll be able to save energy, since trees will create shade in the Summer and block the cold winds in the Winter. This means that you won’t need as much heating when it’s cold or cooling when it’s warm.

And secondly, if you go for fruit trees, you’ll start planting your food. Besides saving money on groceries, few things are more gratifying than knowing you grew the food on your plate!

Planting Trees Will Make You Feel Good

Both mentally and physically!

Doing good for others – in this case, for our planet – is always rewarding. When you start planting trees, you’ll see that it’ll make you feel really good about yourself. 

Plus, you’ll need to move to plant your trees, so it’ll also help you stay active and fit.

Trees Make Everything More Beautiful

Besides all the benefits they bring to our environment, the green of the leaves and the bright colors of the flowers and fruits make for some of the most unique, awe-inspiring landscapes.

After all, who doesn’t love to have a bit of Mother Nature around them?

Start Planting Trees Today!

It’s on us to save the planet and turn the current environmental situation around. So put on your gardening gloves, grab a shovel and some seeds, and do your part today!

You can even invite friends and family to do it with you. Spreading the message is just as important as planting trees, so let them know why they should join you in your new mission.

You’ll get to spend some quality time with your loved ones, while also educating them on a topic that’s more important now than ever.

If you want tips on how to plant a tree or on how to lead a greener life, check our guide. 6 Steps to a Sustainable Living and a Greener Home.

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