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The Future of Sustainable Housing: 6 Trends to Keep an Eye On


Sustainable, green, and eco-friendly homes have gradually grown more popular over the years. Technological advancements have made it even easier to build new homes with energy-efficient windows, solar panels, and more. Even older homes can get upgrades that make them more green and help lower utility costs. As we move into 2019, here are six sustainable housing trends to watch.

1. Solar Energy

Solar energy isn’t just for celebrities or homes out in Los Angeles. Installing solar panels on homes helps power your home, whether you live in a sunny or cool climate. Plus, you can save money on your energy bills, earn tax credits or rebates, and help the environment. It’s a trend to look for when purchasing a new home in 2019, or you can invest the money to install solar panels now to sell your current home at a higher price.

2. Smaller Homes

Smaller homes are becoming more popular as the generation of ethical living enters the market. Many first-time homebuyers are looking for starter homes listed below the area’s median home cost. The U.S. Census Bureau’s data supports this, as the median size of single-family homes was 4.9 percent smaller in 2018 than it was three years prior. These greener homes with less space are more sustainable than large homes that take more energy to heat and cool. 

3. Moving to Urban Areas

Moving to a city may not seem like a sustainable housing trend, but it’s all about what you make of it. For example, individuals in cities have more commuting options such as walking or riding a bike. Urban dwellings are typically smaller than suburban or rural apartments, allowing you to live sustainably in a smaller space. As more individuals wait until later in life to buy their first home, you could see more people living in smaller cities in 2019.

4. Smart Energy Features

A sustainable home doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can make simple fixes such as replacing your lights with LED bulbs or trying not to turn on your heat or air conditioning until it’s essential. Smart technology makes it easier than ever to make sustainable updates to your home. For example, a smart thermostat can turn your air conditioning and heat off when you’re not home. Expect this trend to continue in 2019 with brand-new technologies.

5. Net-Zero Homes

Another 2019 trend is net-zero homes. These homes create the same amount of renewable energy as they consume — achieving a zero-energy status — by combining energy efficiency, solar panels, and technology. The homes are already big in California, with the state mandating all new residential buildings be net-zero by 2020. However, expect to see net-zero homes pop up throughout the country in 2019, as more builders recognize their importance.

6. Water Filtration

Say goodbye to the water filter you keep in your fridge. Complete water filtration systems are one sustainable trend poised to make a splash in 2019. News about water crises has caused health concerns to rise. More people are checking out their water quality and taking measures to improve it. A clean water filtration system for your home makes your water healthier and enhances your home’s sustainability.

The Importance of Sustainable Housing

Sustainable housing isn’t just a catchy phrase that’s in for 2019. It’s about helping the environment and keeping it clean for future generations. Whether you’re searching for your first-time home or looking to make upgrades to your current one, try implementing some sustainable solutions. Your health, future homeowners, and the environment will thank you.

Kayla Matthews
Kayla Matthews
Kayla Matthews is a freelance researcher and writer who contributes to Triple Pundit and The Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter to read her latest articles: @KaylaEMatthews

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