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Should We Say Bye To The Plastic Bag?



Plastic bags have been the main choice for supermarkets over the last decade but as more and more Eco activists make the dangers to the planet more public, a slow decline in their use shows a movement towards to a more environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Plastic bags are used once or twice to carry groceries or clothing home from the supermarket or high street retailers, but paper bags are beginning to work their way into the hands of the customer. Although customers will have to pay a small fee for paper bags or reusable canvas bags, they can use and reuse these bags on more than one occasion, more than just carrying groceries.

Should We Say Bye To The Plastic Bag

According to the Paper Bag Company, Americans use around 100 billion plastic bags every year. This statistic is slowly declining and that is largely due to the fee being placed on these bags or because they have been banned entirely from some states.

The UK and some countries in Europe could follow suit too, with their already being talks held about how we can reduce the amount of plastic use each year. Plastic waste are continuing to damage our parks, our rivers and our oceans, causing dangers to our water supplies, our diets and wildlife.

The next major city to consider the ban on plastics is New York, which could pave the way for a large number of cities to follow the trend. China have had a ban on plastics stemming back over six years and has resulted in around 1.6 million barrels of oil being saved. With such a Ludacris saving, it is no wonder more and more countries are considering making a ban on plastics too.

Though moving towards the paper bag does also face the problem of higher costs in their production compared to plastic, the amount of times paper bags can be used and the minimal amount of time they take to biodegrade makes them a much wiser choice. So, using plastic bags could be a thing of the past and frankly, we don’t think they will be missed.

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