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The Ultimate Guide to Electric Bikes: Everything You Need to Know


What makes electric bikes different from electric motorcycles is that they still retain the ability to be pedaled even though they have an integrated electric motor. Electric bikes use rechargeable batteries and can travel quite fast. Most of them can reach a speed of 25 to 32 km/h. Today, you can find some of these that can even reach the speed of 45 km/h (with pedaling assistance).

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Bikes- Everything You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to Electric Bikes: Everything You Need to Know.

In some markets, they represent real competition to regular bikes. They are most popular in Germany and China where they are slowly replacing mopeds and small motorcycles. In most places, they are classified as bikes rather than mopeds and small motorcycles and therefore do not require any certification and operation. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about e-bikes.

What types of electric bikes exist?

Electric Bikes
The Ultimate Guide to Electric Bikes: Everything You Need to Know

Once you review all types of these bikes you realize that there is a type for every single occasion. Some smaller types are designed especially for neighborhood use and urban commuting. Commuting is where e-bikes recently gained popularity. They require far less maintenance than cars and you do not have to worry about licensing and parking.

There are some bigger types which do not only serve for transportation. They are designed for kid or cargo hauling. This is another aspect in which they can replace cars. Some types with more equipment serve for traveling, mountain biking, and riding on sand or snow.

How long does a charge last?

First of all, we have to say that battery life depends a lot on several other factors. Your pedaling assistance, other gear used on the bike, and road slope – all play an important role in the battery life which is usually not less than 29km. Some of the more powerful e-bikes have a battery that can last for around 80km with a low level of assistance which is pretty amazing. Compared to all the fuss you can have with car repairs and maintenance, charging the battery every day or every second day does not seem like such big trouble.

Are they faster than regular bikes?

Electric powered bicycle

Without pedaling assistance, most of the e-bikes will not go faster than 32 km/h which is a speed you can reach on a regular bike as well. Still, this is why they are classified as bicycles. If you want to go faster you can always pedal faster. Some electric bikes can easily reach the speed of 45 km/h if you pedal fast enough. Remember that increasing your speed will also affect the lifespan of your battery. The more you push the battery, the more energy it will need.

Can I still do DIY maintenance?

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Bikes: Everything You Need to Know

For some smaller things – yes, but if you experience any problems, the best thing to do is to contact professionals. E-bikes are quite complex mechanical devices and their maintenance requires some skill. Just compare e-bikes to Apple products and their tech support which are referred to as “Geniuses”. Advanced knowledge is required and if you do not think you have it enough you should better see the professionals and have them deal with the maintenance of your e-bike.

Still, you can do any small repairs and simple check-ups by yourself. All in all, e-bikes are gaining popularity every single day and many people choose them instead of regular bikes and cars. So, if you are looking for a vehicle to use for commuting, an electric bike may just be the thing you need. Be sure to check these out and give them a try.

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