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How to Make a Brand Event More Eco-Friendly


If your company promotes sustainability and would, therefore, act responsibly at all times, even at its meetings and events, there are several ways to achieve this. In order to have a ‘green’ event, you need to incorporate environmental considerations at each stage of the organization, thus minimizing the negative impact on the environment. In other words, you have to take steps to reduce waste, minimize energy consumption and use sustainable products.

The location

The location

First, choose an easily accessible accommodation by public transport. For example, rent a meeting room or event place close to a metro station. Then ask about the services offered by the place in question. If you plan a lunch break at noon, check all the possible options and make sure it is possible to eat in the area (to avoid unnecessary travel).

Also, make sure that the place is certified by the Environmental Management System, meaning that it complies with certain environmental requirements. Finally, rather book a meeting room or event space with daylight and fresh air, which would help you avoid the unnecessary use of electricity or air conditioning.



Even if you have already marked a good point by selecting a location easily accessible by subway or train, this is not enough. It is your role to encourage your guests to use public transport. To do this, provide them with the necessary information in advance, such as a map, schedules or the download link for the application of the public network. For larger events such as company parties, plan a system of carpooling or promote the rental of electric cars.

The Catering Service

To make life easier and facilitate the overall organization, get a room where you can eat in.

Be sure to communicate the approximate number of guests to avoid food waste as much as possible. Generally, it is easier to limit the damage by imposing a menu rather than organizing a buffet. To satisfy everyone, ask about special diets of your participants (vegetarian, allergies, etc.) and allow them an alternative. In the kitchen, require the use of fresh, regional, seasonal and easily storable food.

Finally, try to advocate the consumption of fruits and vegetables as they too make the difference. To really leave an impact, prepare some custom water bottles – everybody needs to hydrate and having your personal logo on the bottle is very memorable for the clients.

Recyclable Or Reusable Materials

Recyclable Or Reusable Materials

Avoid anything that is plastic, although the temptation is great! Be sure to use only reusable objects, such as dishes made of glass or ceramics. As for the paper, try to avoid too much of it as well.

In this digital era, it is time to put aside cardboard invitations and adopt the existing online tools. If the use of paper is essential, choose the recycled paper. You will see that it is possible to make very nice things, even afterward, from scrap paper.

Measure Your Impact

Measure Your Impact

Finally, to be able to reduce your carbon footprint significantly and identify areas for improvement, it is necessary to measure your consumption. To do this, there are many applications that will help you determine your environmental impact and take into account the consumption of electricity, travel and waste products in particular.

Of course, your event will always have an impact on the environment. But that does not mean that you must give up, because it is the little everyday gestures that make the difference. The next time you have to plan a meeting or an event, take everything into account. Plus, by becoming a sustainable person who applies the same ideas into the company, your personal brand will be greatly benefited.

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