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8 Powerful Reasons To Set Up A Home Battery Backup System


Power outages have become a lot more common today than ever before due to weather patterns becoming increasingly unpredictable. Because of this, you’re far more likely to experience an unwanted power interruption that hinders you from enjoying your time at home watching television or using cleaning devices such as the dishwasher. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid relying too much on this source, and you can do this by investing in a home battery backup system. 

8 Powerful Reasons To Set Up A Home Battery Backup System

With a home battery backup system in place, your home will still have electricity to run daily tasks despite being off the grid. If you’re still skeptical about the merits of having a battery backup system as a homeowner, look no further. Here’s a guide highlighting the benefits a battery backup system can offer you. 

  1. Lower Your Carbon Footprint 

Increased global warming is a real threat that everyone must play a part in trying to reduce. As an ecologically conscious homeowner, you can do this by installing solar batteries that store energy generated by your solar panels. The production of power using solar panels, unlike natural gas extraction and coal mining, doesn’t produce greenhouse gases that negatively harm the environment. 

To make sure the excess energy produced doesn’t go to waste, you’ll need to have solar batteries. This way, you’ll be able to achieve your goal of going green and curbing your carbon footprint. 

  1. Avoid Overdependence on the Grid 

Owning a home battery backup system means you don’t depend as much on the grid to produce the power needed for your home. This is ideal if your area often experiences power outages due to deteriorating power infrastructure or terrible weather conditions. But if you have a solar-powered battery backup system, the loss of power on the primary grid won’t cause you to lose any sleep. Therefore, you’ll still be able to produce electricity to power your lights and electrical gadgets even during a power outage. 

If you wish to enjoy this peace of mind and self-sufficiency as a homeowner, this alone is enough reason why you should consider investing in a battery backup system. 

  1. Monitor Your Energy Production and Usage 

If you’re hoping to achieve greater control over how much energy you’re generating or using, installing solar panels and a solar battery backup system are advised. This is because you’ll be able to gauge how much energy your solar panels are producing at any given time. 

In addition, the solar backup batteries will help you to determine your home’s power usage better. Knowing this information is essential as it enables you to think of ways you can further optimize your renewable energy usage. 

  1. Enjoy Energy Security

Areas that experience occasional hurricanes and severe storms, like blizzards, often have prolonged power outages for a couple of hours or days in extreme situations. In such emergencies, having solar batteries will be vital. This way, your home can continue enjoying a constant supply of electricity even at night after the sun has set. 

Having a solar battery as backup is especially crucial if a loved one relies on medical gadgets such as the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. You can also charge your other electric devices, such as your laptop and smartphone. Therefore, you can go about with your life as usual while everyone in your neighborhood is stranded in the dark. 

  1. No Air or Noise Pollution 

In case of a power outage, you can generate electricity using a generator. However, running this device usually leads to noise pollution, and you end up affecting your neighbors’ peace of mind.

In addition, using a diesel-powered generator also further contributes to air pollution as it produces greenhouse gases. But with solar batteries, the issue of greenhouse gases and noise are all done away with, making them a more suitable choice if you do value environmental sustainability. 

  1. Maximize Energy

Solar panels collect a lot of their energy at the time of day when they’re receiving direct sunlight, for instance, at midday. But as a homeowner, you’ll mainly be using power early in the morning and later in the evening after leaving work. Therefore, it’s necessary to connect solar batteries to store the additional energy generated during the peak sunny hours. 

This way, you don’t have to rely on the grid during peak hours when buying power is a lot more expensive. Thanks to the home battery backup system, you end up getting greater value from the power your solar panels are producing. 

  1. Reduced Energy Bills 

If you’re looking to cut down as many costs as possible in the daily running of your home, then getting a home battery backup system would be a wise move. This is the case despite home battery backup systems being expensive to buy at first as they’ll, in the long run, help you considerably save on your energy bills. 

If the battery capacity is large enough and you shave huge solar panels, you might even do away with buying power from the main grid. With energy prices continually rising with each passing year, installing a battery backup system is thus a wise move. This is the case even if you still buy energy from the main grid as you’ll be able to avoid the peak charges, thereby meaning your electricity expenses won’t be as high. 

  1. Energy Trading 

The home battery backup system has opened up the opportunity of selling the excess energy as a homeowner to the grid. This is an excellent opportunity you should capitalize on as a homeowner to generate extra money. As a result, you get to play with the big utility players to tap into the grid and sell power at a premium price. This prospect has been made possible thanks to advancements in technology and artificial intelligence.

Trading energy also gives you bragging rights over your friends, who’ll undoubtedly be impressed by your forward-thinking approach to making money.  


The increased prevalence of power outages has necessitated the need to have a battery backup system. But thanks to the home battery backup system, you’ll get to go about with your normal tasks at home in the event of a power outage. Because of this, you should embrace the use of this technological advancement not only to enjoy a steady power supply but also to enjoy excellent home energy management. 

Scott Andrews
Scott Andrews
Scott joined RedEarth Energy Storage to accelerate its growth and position it as a leader in the rapidly disrupting market for electricity in Australia. Scott has previously built and managed sales operations creating sales of up to $50 million in the renewables sector and has established [his prior company] as one of the nation's leaders in off-grid systems. He has been involved in renewable energy since 2009 working with most major industry suppliers in Australia and has built several companies from the ground up in his 25-year career. Scott's previous experience in renewable energy is with Green Initiatives Australia, Firefly Energy Australia, and New Zealand and specialist off-grid company, Energy Initiatives Off-Grid. Scott has a Bachelor of Business and Marketing from The University of Queensland and an Associate Diploma in Cross Culture Business and Marketing from the University of Lund in Sweden.

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