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Scott Andrews

Scott joined RedEarth Energy Storage to accelerate its growth and position it as a leader in the rapidly disrupting market for electricity in Australia. Scott has previously built and managed sales operations creating sales of up to $50 million in the renewables sector and has established [his prior company] as one of the nation's leaders in off-grid systems. He has been involved in renewable energy since 2009 working with most major industry suppliers in Australia and has built several companies from the ground up in his 25-year career. Scott's previous experience in renewable energy is with Green Initiatives Australia, Firefly Energy Australia, and New Zealand and specialist off-grid company, Energy Initiatives Off-Grid. Scott has a Bachelor of Business and Marketing from The University of Queensland and an Associate Diploma in Cross Culture Business and Marketing from the University of Lund in Sweden.

8 Powerful Reasons To Set Up A Home Battery Backup System

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