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10 Best Halloween Solar Lights For 2023 Season


October 31st is Halloween, a holiday in which people go door-to-door to collect candy and dress up in costumes. The origin of Halloween dates back to thousands of years ago when the ancient Celtic Druids would celebrate their end-of-summer harvest. For them, Halloween was the time to honor the souls of our loved ones who had passed away and ease their transition to the ‘Otherworld’.

As Halloween evolved over time and became Americanized, Halloween has become a night filled with tricks or treats for children and adults alike; ghoulish costumes; ghost stories; community bonfires; apple bobbing; pumpkin carvings; jack-o’-lanterns.

Top Picks

  • 50 LEDs.

  • IP65.

  • 6 to 8 hours of solid light.

  • 12 LEDs.

  • IP65.

  • 6-8 hours of light in summer

  • 200 LEDs.

  • IP65.

  • 144 Feet




Best Halloween Solar Lights

1. Senmao Home Decor: Led Pumpkin Halloween Lights

Senmao Home Decor: Led Pumpkin Halloween Lights

The solar power supply of our Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin lights can provide 6 to 8 hours of solid light when fully charged. This means that you don`t need to worry about constantly turning it on and off in order to conserve the battery life, or changing out the batteries during nighttime. They use LED bulbs, which are one of the most reliable kinds of bulbs on the market today. That means no flickering, no buzz/humming sound, no flickering lights, and no broken bulbs!

On top of everything else incredible about these Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin lights they come with 8 different modes: Various Lighting Modes Combinations, including Fireflies, Flashing, Waving, Fading, Chasing/Flashing, Slow Fading, Twinkling/Flashing, and Steady On. So you can be sure that your party decorations will be ready for any occasion you have coming up!

Price: $29.99

Specs And Key Features:

Batteries:Included, 1 AA battery.
Weight:1.1 Pounds.
Dimensions:40 x 1 x 1.5 inches.
LEDs:‎50 LEDs Warm White.
Weather Resistance:IP65.
Key Feature:Easy To Use.

2. Qunlight: Solar String Halloween Lights

Qunlight: Solar String Halloween Lights

Add a spooky touch to your yard with these Qunlight solar-powered string lights. These adorable ghostly decorations provide a fun and festive touch that guests will love. The light sensor automatically turns the ghost lights on at night and off in the daylight so you don’t have to remember to turn them on.

Each of these plastic ghosts is equipped with 30 LEDs and can stay lit up for 8 hours using just one charge in bright sunlight.

Price: $12.99

Specs And Key Features:

Weight:‎‎1.62 Pounds.
Dimensions:6.89 x 4.09 x 3.94 inches
Weather Resistance:IP65
Key Feature:Easy To Use.

3. GoodLights: Solar Halloween Decorative Stake Lights

GoodLights: Solar Halloween Decorative Stake Lights

Your Halloween party decorations just got a lot more spooky with these 3 Funny Face Solar Stake Lights! These Battery Powered, Solar-Powered ghosts are 4 inches tall and they come with an on/off switch, which allows you to turn them on by yourself or automatically at dark after a full charge during the day.

The solar panel is connected to the stakes and if you want to change the lighting mode, just remove them to get access to the battery compartment and change it yourself. And don’t worry about getting them wet in rainy weather; GoodLights solar panel/stake lights are certified IP44 waterproof rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

Price: $19.99

Specs And Key Features:

Solar Panel:2V/40Ma.
Color:Warm & White.
Weight:‎15.2 ounces.
Dimensions:15.27 x 5.75 x 4.09 inches
Weather Resistance:IP44.
Key Feature:Easy To Install.

4. MIUSIKIT: Solar Halloween Flickering Flame Lights

MIUSIKIT: Solar Halloween Flickering Flame Lights

Enjoy a carefree outdoor living and party season with this solar lights outdoor landscape. Bright 12LED Solar Outdoor Lights flicker dancing flames, festive decorations, and romantic landscapes for outdoor decors, such as gardens, yards, pathways, patios, and barbecues. Equipped with a high-capacity battery and large-size polysilicon solar panel to ensure that the torches light up 6-8 hours in summer and 3-5 hours in winter after fully solar charged.

Through Photosensitive Sensors, solar lights outdoors can automatically turn on/off based on the outdoor lighting. With Three Different Adapters of Ground Stake, L-Type Wall Linker, and Ground/Wall Base, outdoor solar lights could be inserted into the ground, installed on the wall, or placed anywhere you want! It’s an ideal choice to make your home more decorative minute by minute.

Price: $59.99

Specs And Key Features:

Color:Warm Flames.
Weight:‎5 ounces.
Dimensions:15.51 x 8.7 x 5.28 inches
Key Feature:Easy To install.

5. GAGALIFE: Pumpkin Solar Lanterns

GAGALIFE: Pumpkin Solar Lanterns

The pumpkin hanging solar lamp is a great accessory to your yard on Halloween day. It will get powered by the sun and light up automatically whenever it’s dark. And you can hang them anywhere…you can put them on the tree, porch, lawn, or even create a path covered by the pumpkin lights!

It is made of metal, waterproof(IP44), and weatherproof, so no worry about rain, or snow. Add a special decoration to your yard on Halloween day.

Price: $13.99

Specs And Key Features:

Color:Black and Orange.
Weight:11.3 ounces.
Lantern Diameter:6 inches.
Bulb Type:LED.
Weather Resistance:IP44.
Key Feature:Easy To Use.

6. Brwoynn: Solar Halloween Yard Decorations

Brwoynn: Solar Halloween Yard Decorations

Brwoynn solar garden stakes are a perfect Halloween decoration for your garden and pathway. The cute pumpkin lights will illuminate your garden, trees, and flowers. This Halloween solar-powered garden lighting charges automatically during the day and turns on automatically when dark.

Garden stakes made of durable metal with long-lasting anti-rust paint can withstand adverse weather conditions such as snow and rain. Install it in the soil, turn on the button back of the panel, put it towards the sunshine, and let’s enjoy this easy DIY project!

Price: $39.99

Specs And Key Features:

Color:Black & orange.
Weight:‎‎‎1.64 pounds.
Dimensions:‎1 x 1 x 1 inches
Number of lights:2.
water resistance:‎No.
Key Feature:Easy To install.

7. SANJICHA: Solar String Halloween Lights

SANJICHA: Solar String Halloween Lights

The SANJICHA Solar String Halloween Lights are an extra-long 2-pack of lights with a total length of 144ft! There are 8 different modes to choose from, and they have both an on/off button and a mode button so you can select whichever option suits you best. The memory chip saves your last mode setting, so there is no need to reset it again, these decorative lights are sure to put a spooky spin on any celebration.

Price: $24.99

Specs And Key Features:

Battery:Included, 1 AA battery.
Length:72ft per wire.
Weight:‎1.92 pounds.
Dimensions:‎7.4 x 5.59 x 4.06 inches
Key Feature:Easy To Use.

8. SPRKLINLIN: Halloween Bat String Lights

Transform your home into a haunted house for the night with these Halloween Bat String Lights. You will get 2 outdoor bat decorations lights, each string of 30 LEDs, 20ft long. This cute bat Halloween emits purple ghostly lights to create a spooky atmosphere, perfect for Halloween themes, carnivals, and other celebrations. The light modes include combination, wave, sequence, slogs, chase/flash, slow fade, blink/flash, and steady light up. These are ideal for the living room, hallway, patio, or any other space where you want to add a mysterious mood.

Price: $9.99

Product Key Features:

  • Conducts flight movements through the air.
  • Perfect for parties and other occasions.
  • Easy to install, simply plug in the electricity.
  • Durable construction from Aluminum Alloy and Nylon Fiber for long-lasting use.

Product Specs:

Bulb type:LEDs.
Weight:‎‎1.08 Pounds.
Number Of Lights:30.
Key Feature:Easy To Use.

9. OZS: Solar Halloween String Lights

OZS: Solar Halloween String Lights

The OZS 8-Lighting Modes Solar Lighted Bubble Ball Halloween Decorations Outdoor Decor Lights with 50 LED is a perfect decoration for the Halloween holidays. It’s 30.6ft (6.5ft lead wire and 24.1ft wire with the LED bubble) long enough to be suitable for any indoor or outdoor space, which offers luxuriously bright lighting effects.

It features water resistance, so you can use these solar-powered lights in your garden, or parking lot to create a beautiful mood any time of year!

Price: $16.99

Specs And Key Features:

Lighting Modes:8.
Weight:‎‎‎2.44 pounds.
Number of lights:100.
Weather-Resistance :‎Not Specified.
Key Feature:Easy To Use.

10. Brwoynn: Solar Powered Pumpkin Ghost Stakes

Brwoynn: Solar Powered Pumpkin Ghost Stakes

Halloween solar-powered garden lighting creates a fun and spooky atmosphere at your front door, in the garden, or along pathways to greet trick-or-treaters. The pumpkin scarecrow has a pumpkin face with a hollow expression, wearing a black witch hat, that glows in the dark. Mr. Pumpkin opens his hands wearing a pair of gray gloves, with a bow tie sprayed with green glitter powder, and his cloak was sprinkled with purple glitter powder, fluttering in the wind. These cute pumpkin lights are made of high-quality plastic and recharge automatically during the day.

Price: $24.88

Specs And Key Features:

Weight:‎‎‎1.72 pounds.
Dimensions:‎‎6.85 x 6.61 x 1.81 inches
Nozzles Styles:11.
Weather Resistance:‎Not Specified.
Key Feature:Easy To Use.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Halloween lights?

Solar-powered Halloween lights are an eco-friendly way to decorate your home on Halloween. Halloween solar lights are durable, weather-resistant outdoor string lighting that can be used to brighten up your Halloween yard display. Halloween solar lights use the sun’s energy to provide light during the night. The light will automatically turn on at dusk and stay lit for hours after dark.

Halloween solar lights come in a variety of colors, including green, orange, pink, blue, and yellow. Halloween solar lights can also twinkle or flash, creating an even more festive Halloween atmosphere.

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Halloween solar lights use the sun’s energy, which is a renewable resource, to power the bulbs or LEDs that give off Halloween spooky or Halloween festive lighting effects.

Traditional Halloween lighting uses electricity produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil, which damage the environment by releasing pollutants into the air.

Halloween solar lamps do not release harmful substances into the air and will not increase global warming like regular Halloween lights and glowing yard decorations often do. Halloween solar lamp accessories come in many forms, including lanterns, solar statues, and even outhouses to set up in your front yard.

Lighting With Halloween Solar Lights

Using Halloween solar lights will eliminate the need to use traditional Halloween lights that are plugged into an electrical socket or operate on batteries, which also pollute.

Halloween solar light products can be set up anywhere in your yard by using stakes to secure them into the ground just like Halloween inflatables and Halloween lawn decorations.

Types of Halloween Solar Light

Halloween solar lights come in many styles, depending on their intended use for Halloween lighting. The most common type of Halloween solar lamps are luminaries, also known as ghost globes, which are paper bags filled with sand or soil-based material lit from within by a halogen lamp powered by the sun’s energy during daylight hours. A few examples of these Halloween solar lamps include Luminara urns, LumiLantern Halloween solar-powered lights, and Halloween Solar Spotlights.

There are also Halloween solar string lights and Halloween solar pathway lights which, like Halloween fairy or Halloween garden lights, can be used to accent your home’s exterior for Halloween lighting around the front porch, along the walkway, and even in trees and shrubs.

Halloween solar lamps aren’t just limited to paper bags; there are also other types of Halloween outdoor light fixtures such as Halloween Solar Lanterns which look like traditional flaming torches made from weatherproof plastic material designed to withstand all kinds of natural elements, including rain and snow.

Halloween Solar Post Caps can be installed on existing posts around your yard at any height you deem necessary, while the best part is that they during the day and automatically turn off at night during Halloween, while some Halloween Solar Post Caps come with a programmable timer to turn on and off at your preferred times.

Pros of Halloween solar lights

Halloween solar lights are a great idea for Halloween lighting since they use eco-friendly energy from the sun to power up without using electricity or batteries, which makes Halloween solar lights a green Halloween decoration choice.

Solar Halloween decorations last longer because there is no need to replace batteries throughout the whole holiday season.

These outdoor Halloween lighting also require very low maintenance costs – you don’t have to continually buy new batteries every season.

That’s why Halloween solar lights are becoming more popular each year as homeowners take an active role in helping save our planet by going green.

Cons Of Halloween Solar Lights

The downside of installing Halloween solar light fixtures around your home is that they must be placed in a location where they receive the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Halloween solar lights should also be checked once or twice a month to make sure that they are receiving enough sun to remain fully charged.

Solar Halloween decorations have no light cords, so Halloween solar light fixtures should not be installed near any walkways so people don’t trip over them while making their way up and down your porch steps.

Halloween solar lights can also be easily stolen if you do not take proper precautions, so it’s best to install them in areas where they’re less likely to become a target for thieves.

To Sum Up

– Halloween decor that is eco-friendly and saves money.

– Halloween lighting is easily stolen if not installed safely.

– Easier to install Halloween lighting (compared to regular Halloween lights)

– Halloween solar lights can be a great way to light up your Halloween decorations, and they are easy to install without the fear of tripping over electrical cords.

– Halloween solar lights can be a less expensive option for Halloween lighting.

– Halloween solar lights are also better for the environment, as no power is wasted in making them work.

– Installing Halloween solar lights may require extra precautions to prevent theft or damage from weather.

– The amount of light that each fixture puts out is usually smaller than the wattage ratings the manufacturers give, so don’t expect it to light up a huge area by itself.

– Halloween solar lights need direct sunlight during nighttime hours to charge their batteries well enough to produce power.

– Halloween solar lighting can be cheaper than Halloween electrical lighting with similar wattage ratings per fixture due to the lack of electrical components needed.

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for having parties outside your home as well as inside your home if you have a large enough space to hold a party. In addition to making your front walkway look extra spooky with Halloween solar lights, make sure all windows are covered with Halloween window clings. Halloween night light decorations are also great for building a Halloween ambiance at home without turning on extra lights inside your home.


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October 31st is Halloween, a holiday in which people go door-to-door to collect candy and dress up in costumes. The origin of Halloween dates back to thousands of years ago when the ancient Celtic Druids would celebrate their end-of-summer harvest. For them, Halloween was...10 Best Halloween Solar Lights For 2023 Season