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Green Home Construction: An Objective Insight


In a nutshell, green building is a trend in design and architecture that enables creating harmless, energy efficient and eco-friendly buildings. The green building movement is not a new thing. Since the 1970s oil crisis, sustainable buildings and the technologies have improved, with the constant fall of sustainable materials cost. The result is that today we have green buildings that are both beneficiary to the occupants and the environment.

As it is, conventional building approach wastes too much natural resources, primarily energy, water, timber, while green building strategy is based on renewable sources like sunlight, plants and rainwater. One of the key elements of green building is the use of energy and water efficient technologies which are normally not used in conventional buildings. So, let’s analyze the advantages of green construction approach.

It Saves Energy and Money

Green Home Construction: An Objective InsightThis approach is the first and foremost reason behind the green building movement, ensuring the reduction of both embodied and operating energy consumption, which consequently means money saving for the homeowners during the years. Buildings which are built with wood have a lower embodied energy, than those made of brick, steel or other materials. In order to regulate operating energy consumption, engineers advocate the use of extra-insulation, high-performance windows and passive solar features.

It Preserves Water

luck-268530_640Reduced water consumption is another feature of green homes. It can save money over lifetime by just recycling rainwater and using it for toilet flushing. Other application of storm water is gardening and irrigation. This aspect of green building negates the issues like toilet leaking and uneconomic showers, by replacing them with water saving shower heads, ultra-low flush toilet designs and other water-conserving solutions.

It Uses Recycled Materials

Green Home Construction: An Objective InsightSelecting recycled materials and product may increase the life-span of your home and minimize yearly maintenance, as some recycled products are more resilient than natural materials they are derived from. This is the third economic aspect of a green home that is achieved through applied building science, moisture management and studious material selection. A perfect example is one of those contemporary container shelters for you machinery and tools, that have canopies made of natural fabric and combined with recycled shipping containers for the base and support.

Because of reduced energy requirements and lower operating costs, green homes have a higher resale value. They use sustainable components with the reduction of gas, electricity and water. With an investment that pays back in a couple of years, you can turn a green home into a net zero building, also known as an active house. The key feature of an active building is that instead of wasting energy, it can create the surplus that can be resupplied back to the electrical grid.

Improved Indoor Conditions

Green Home Construction: An Objective InsightOne of the most important elements of a green home is the ventilation system which filters the air. In addition, in the pre-planning phase, you should specify building materials, coverings, carpeting, flooring and paints that have low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content.

A recent study has shown that indoor air pollution can be 2-5 times worse than outdoor air condition. However, ventilation itself is often not enough. You can improve the indoor environment by using non-toxic, rapidly renewable materials like lumber, bamboo, straw, recycled metal and stone, natural wool, earth blocks, cork, etc. In the vast majority of cases, the results will be truly amazing.

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