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{Infographic} 8 ECO Buildings That Are Saving The Environment


‘Green’, sustainable ECO buildings are becoming more prominent within today’s world of modern architecture and design concepts. Know as ‘high-performance buildings’ they focus on energy-saving efficiency, with reductions of running costs using solar, wind, and biofuels to generate and store power. Further sustainable features many high-performance buildings feature include rainwater harvesting, along with self-sufficient water and sewage recycling systems.

Forward-thinking companies across the world are pledging to reduce their carbon footprint and help save the planet by building or refitting offices with the latest technological advances in sustainability. The office buildings shown in this infographic are amongst the most prominent high-performance buildings already in existence. Each features energy-saving qualities, with many of them, having the capability of recycling their water and sewage and the ability to harvest rainwater.

The One Angel Square, Manchester, includes an innovative method of reusing waste computer heat. the Crystal, London, is an all-electric smart building, while Powerhouse Kjørbo, Oslo, will generate sufficient wattage to offset the total amount of energy used during its construction.

As the skyline of the world’s cities changes we will begin to see an increase in high-performance buildings that will be helping to save the planet during their design, construction, and running costs. These sustainable buildings are not only considered to be the way forward but they are also considered to have the capability of changing working attitudes within them.

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