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{Infographic} How Going Paperless can Save the Environment


The traditional paper-based system takes a huge toll on the earth and the environment. What’s more, the use of paper is continuously increasing each year. Things like improved technology; better printing and mechanical wood harvesting are also contributing to making the paper more available for the general consumer. It is estimated that 40% of total waste in the US is paper products.

The paper production process is one of the most pollutant manufacturing processes. The paper and pulp production processes release more than 200 million pounds of toxin per year. Trees are the basic ingredient of these processes. And if the current trend of deforestation continues, we will not have any rainforest left within the next 100 years. There is one common reason behind all these effects – the excessive use of paper.

Going paperless could prevent or at least minimize these events significantly. Along with the monetary and productivity benefits, it will also help us reduce the ecological footprint. While there is a growing scarcity of freshwater, average office workers can help in saving thousands of gallons of water by avoiding excessive use of paper. Other notable benefits include reducing greenhouse gas emissions; avoid filling millions of garbage bags and obviously, saving more trees.

If you want to know more about the impacts of a paper-based system, check out the following infographic by Ademero. Along with detailed illustrations about the consumption facts, effects, and benefits of reducing paper use, you will also find basic guidelines about going paperless.

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Impacts of paper-based system
How Going Paperless Can Save the Environment. Infographic Credit. Featured Image Credit.
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Marie K. Powell
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