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Bottled Water Facts: Do We Need Bottled Water?


Marketers and big business corporations have us believe that bottled water is good, being collected from a deep clear pool of spring water from the highest of mountains. But is it? Aren’t we talking mostly about just plain water put into bottles?

Bottled Water Facts: Do We Need Bottled Water?

Unless you have a really good reason to stop and buy bottled water, it is better to hang on and wait until you get home to sip tap water. And here is why.

Bottled Value

It is important to understand that you will be spending more on bottled water than you would be spending on regular tap water and that it is not worth the money. You are paying for overpriced tap water. In recent history, the consumption of bottled water fluctuated thanks to different campaigns promoting bottled water. Nevertheless, the bottled water industry is generating a large profit by charging buyers excessive amounts of money and hurting the environment. This aside, you are not even taking any extra minerals or vitamins into your body.

Plastic Bottles

Even though the majority of plastic bottles are recycled, many tons of garbage are produced yearly, and because it is a chemically produced substance, it will take a long time for the plastic to biodegrade. Furthermore, it does not only take a long time for biodegradation, plastic also pollutes the world and it endangers many natural habitats of animals.

Toxic Plastic

Even though there are many regulations on how to make plastic bottles, there are chemicals that can seep into the waters and it can affect your body. There are no clear indications of what the toxins might do to your body, but it is better to avoid exposing yourself to danger. Also, it is better to minimize the intake of bottled water as much as possible.

Tap Water

It is far better to drink tap water and it is also a lot cheaper to distill water from the impurities that your public plumbing might have. You can always boil water to get rid of almost all microbes that could be polluting your water. Moreover, it is possible to get rid of the chlorine taste that might be bothering you, just chill the water down in a fridge and you can have a nice cold drink.

Filtered Water

There are many filtration possibilities you can employ at home to clean your water and have cleaner water. Having a water filter installed will provide you with healthy water and save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. Furthermore, it is better to drink filtered water than to spend money on bottled water, and also it will be far better to bring your water from home to work. Also, it is a good idea to buy bottles made from either metal or glass in which to carry your water when on the go.

Going Green

Being sustainable means that you should drink tap water more and you should avoid using items made from dangerous chemicals which take a long time to biodegrade. Also, treated water is bad for your health in general as it might contain traces of dangerous substances that will only hurt your health. By drinking regular tap water you will make sure that you are drinking enough water daily without any substances that will make your digestion and immune system suffer in the long run. Ditching plastic means that you are doing your share in reducing global pollution and making sure that your environment is cleaner and more sustainable.

Lillian Connors
Lillian Connors
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