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Top 5 Advantages Of Solar Water Heater Over Traditional Fuels


A water heater is indeed one of the most expensive home appliances, and at the same time, it requires much energy to operate. Whether the water heater is gas or electricity-run, it consumes around 75% of your utility bill, right? No matter how much you try to save utility bills by consuming less hot water, it almost goes the same.

Top 5 Advantages Of Solar Water Heater Over Traditional Fuels
Top 5 Advantages Of Solar Water Heater Over Traditional Fuels.

Again, you will find the day-to-day household life quite miserable without a proper supply of hot water. In such cases, a solar water heater can be a decent choice compared to a conventional fuel-based one, especially when you focus more on energy saving. Here are 5 solid advantages of solar water heating systems and we expect these will make sense at the end of the day!

1. Zero Energy Cost

The solar water heater is an ideal choice if you are faking up a huge amount of utility bill every month. You might know that the solar water heating system uses a renewable energy source, sunlight, which is abundant in this mother universe. On top of that, it is entirely free of cost. So, while you are using a solar water heater unit, you won’t need to worry about a hundred dollars of utility bills.

The most amazing thing regarding solar water heating systems is- you will be getting the energy to run your water heater as long as the sun shines. Wondering, what will happen in a sudden wet weather or rainy day? FYI, many solar units are capable of providing you energy even when the sun is not shining. So, you won’t have to worry about running short of hot water even on cloudy days.

2. Save Space

5 Solar Water Heating System Advantages Compared to Conventional Fuels
Top 5 Advantages Of Solar Water Heater Over Traditional Fuels. Source

A solar water heating system doesn’t require much installation space. You won’t have to manage space for separate parts like a traditional fuel-based water heater. Yes, a tankless unit also requires less installation space compared to conventional gas or fuel-run water heaters. Still, solar water heaters are more frugal in terms of installation space. Moreover, in most cases, the PV or thermal panels are installed on the rooftop.

3. Save Installation Cost

You might know that the government has been encouraging people to go for various renewable energy options. Besides, they are also offering lots of schemes in renewable energy sectors, as well. Apart from that, investing in a solar water heating unit is- one-time, and it doesn’t require many things such as a few necessary fittings.

Moreover, the price of solar equipment is decreasing with every living day, and many companies are offering more efficient solar equipment at less investment. So, summing up all these, you will surely save some bucks for installation costs compared to a conventional water heater unit.

4. Environment-Friendly

“Save the environment” has become the talk of the world nowadays. Keeping the environment clean and pollution-free has become the demand of recent times. A solar water heating system is environment-friendly as it doesn’t burn any fossil fuel when heating water for you. So, you have the chance to contribute to the environment and take part in the go-green revolution.

5. Comparatively Maintenance Free

A solar water heating system requires maintenance once in a blue moon, to be honest. But, when you are using a gas or electricity-run water heater in your household, you may be required to either repair or replace certain parts of your water heater at least once every three years. Again, repairing as well as replacement needs a professional which is an additional cost indeed. In this sense, compared to a conventional water heater unit, solar units hardly require maintenance.

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