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The Environmental Benefits of Solar Water Heaters


The whole concept of going green has been the rage lately and with good reason. As sources of non-renewable energy are gradually decreasing, the need to transition to renewable sources has become increasingly urgent.

Among the many forms available, solar energy is the alternative that has been utilized for so long.

Considered the cleanest renewable energy option available, it has been used for numerous purposes including cooling, lighting, cooking, and heating among others. Among its multiple uses, Solar Hot Water Systems have become one of the most popular, as it has been widely used in the commercial, residential, and even industrial sectors.

How Do Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

Unlike electric hot water systems, solar water heaters use and take advantage of the vast energy from the sun. Using solar collectors, heat from the sun is collected and is then used to warm up the water inside the hot water cylinder. In addition, it also comes equipped with contain tubes used to facilitate water passage.

What are its ‘hard to miss’ Benefits?

1. Increased Property Value

While there is no clear-cut proof as of yet that will prove that the installation of a solar hot water system increases property value, some researches indicate that an investment in energy-efficient technology affects the property selling price.

Undoubtedly, numerous factors can influence a property’s selling value; however, it is believed many prospective buyers are willing to shell out more money for homes that have energy-efficient features.

Eventually, in the future, many predict that property prices will likely cover more than just the building costs. Chances are other factors like running costs (water, power, and gas) will be incorporated into the mix.

2. Reduced Utility Bills

Nowadays, water heating is believed to be a huge contributing factor in the dramatic increase in energy consumption in most households. With that in mind, it is only sensible to invest in something that will help reduce energy expenditure.

While it is not common knowledge, opting for solar water heaters as opposed to conventional ones will help you save as much as $25,000 annually. And with electricity costs constantly increasing, using a cheaper resource like the solar water heater is undeniably a sound and cost-effective idea.

In fact, with one installed in your home, you can expect a significant drop in energy consumption, taking into account the fact that at least 25 percent of most electricity bills can be attributed to water heating alone.

3. Decreased Carbon Footprint

With the effects of environmental abuse and neglect more alarming now than it was decades prior, the need to be environmentally responsible has become stronger than ever.

Since at least 50 percent of carbon dioxide emissions have been attributed to households using conventional water heating systems, a shift in your choice of water heating system will have a dramatic impact on the effort to minimize carbon footprints.

Take Notice

If you are not convinced yet, keep in mind that the constant use of traditional systems will likely increase the level of released sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in the air.

Taking into account all the benefits it has to offer, it won’t be surprising if the solar water heater will become a necessity in many industries in the not-so-distant future.

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