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4 Lesser-Known Job Opportunities for Ecology Degree Holders


Green consciousness has gone from being a fringe concern associated with counter-culture types to a global discussion of the highest relevance. Problems such as global warming have raised awareness about society’s impact on the planet and politics and even daily households are affected by the urge to go green and improve sustainability on Earth.

4 Lesser-Known Job Opportunities for Ecology Degree Holders

Many entering colleges aspire to play a role in protecting the environment by majoring in related degrees. The obvious fields where ecology degrees are useful are science-related. But grads who have specialized in environmental work shouldn’t narrow their career options too much. A grad with an ecology degree has unique expertise and skill sets that make them an excellent candidate for key roles in more industries than they may realize.


Laws play a critical role in the effort to sustain environmental health. Someone with an ecology degree can play a role in government agencies that create environmental policy. They can play a consulting role to businesses in the manufacturing sector who need to deploy an expanding range of pollution control measures as well. Environmental law is a broad body of knowledge that can be domestic as well as global, so it’s just as possible for a grad with a green specialization to be of value to a U.S. company as a multinational based overseas.

Urban Design

The sustainability discussion has made its way into the very design and structure of buildings, homes, and the landscapes they exist in. Green studies degrees enable those who possess them to play an active part in the conceptualization and construction of living and workspaces that incorporate nature and are more energy-efficient.


Consumers are more green-conscious now than they were in prior decades. A study from Nielsen shows that millennials are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products. Companies need marketing talent to create brand messages that reflect a commitment to sustainability.


The fashion world is known for glamorizing excess, but eco-consciousness has changed the direction that designers are going in. Leather and fur were once materials commonly seen on runways. Labels such as Versace and Calvin Klein, however, are creating clotheslines out of eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp. Professionals with green studies backgrounds are essential to the fashion industry’s entry into this new space.

Environmental awareness is spreading and consumers are steadily bringing this awareness with them into the stores where they shop. Businesses are rising to the challenge of producing products that meet the expectations of this new demand. Having a resume that demonstrates you can facilitate the adoption of eco-friendly standards makes you a valuable player to an array of organizations and companies. Getting a master’s in business admin can help further expand your horizons.

Emma Sturgis
Emma Sturgis
Emma is a freelance writer currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business.

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