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Top 4 Green Business Ideas to Implement Today


Any initiative for green business ideas is fascinating for a good reason, being important for both the environment and the balance of a company’s budget. Companies that are going green with their businesses are considerably reducing the negative impact on our mother earth and at the same creating better, healthier working environments.

Top 4 Green Business Ideas to Implement Today

Companies that are following the green incentives now are also witnessing significant tax deductions, while steps in greening up your business are bound to pay off, especially in the long run.

Rational Thinking

Many companies that are office-based waste excessive amounts of paper and printing equipment. If you can’t avoid printing, you should print only double-sided copies whenever possible, as this will reduce the use of paper and save you some money. In addition to this, switching to chlorine-free paper is another way to protect both the environment and your wallet. Whether your business is big or small, you should try to avoid using paper. This can be done by canceling all the paper documents you receive from financial institutions and switching to electronic payments with your suppliers and customers. This will also make your business more secure because the countless frauds are committed using paper.


By using porcelain mugs instead of those made of plastic your business will not only contribute to environmental protection but also save you hundreds of dollars each day. Office and commercial waste account for 35-45% of the solid waste in the US. Reusing office supplies such as folders, envelopes, binders, tape dispensers, and refilling pens is also likely to have a positive effect on your company’s budget. When sending packages, you should consider using used cardboard boxes and shredded newspaper. Always go for the things that can be reused, making your employees check the existing supplies before ordering new ones.

Eco-friendly Remodeling

Furniture that contains volatile organic compounds (VOC) is bad for both your health and the environment, so you should avoid it at all costs. Instead, you should opt for recycled office furniture, which is often quite affordable and also allows you to do something good for our planet.

In case you need to purchase paint for your office walls, always make sure that it is a zero or low VOC option. As carpets and rugs can also release these harmful chemicals, you should look for those made out of natural materials. And if you are at a loss as to how and where to start with making your office space truly ECO-friendly, you’ll be best advised to get advice from a trusted office project management expert. 

Energy Savings

Switching to energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs is a sensible thing to do, allowing you to save power up to 75%. You and your employees should always turn off your computers, as well as all other devices at the end of the day. You can install energy management software t to track the activity of your company’s hardware to ensure all your employees follow this instruction. You can also hire a professional familiar with the HVAC and lighting systems to optimize their usage.

Lillian Connors
Lillian Connors
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