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The Correlation between Texture Coating and Energy Efficiency


When investing into our homes, we usually think about a new kitchen, a freshly redecorated bathroom, a spacious garage and try to elevate the quality of our lives by making our rooms more functionally one at a time. Instead of that, we should consider a bigger picture – how to protect our entire home from the outside and combine quality and efficiency. The easiest and the best way to do this is by applying texture coating that not only makes your home look appealing from the outside, but also ensures energy efficiency from the inside. Here is how a simple switch from paint to exterior coating can make a lot of difference a great impact on your life and finances.

The Basics

The Correlation between Texture Coating and Energy Efficiency

Just because so many people choose paint for their exterior does not mean that it is absolutely right in all cases. People living in extremely hot areas like Africa, Australia and parts of the Northern American continent tend to pain their houses white thinking that that a coat of white paint will help them fight heat. However, while the idea that white successfully reflects heat and helps you feel cooler works, it is actually not as effective as you might think, especially with white roofs.

What paint actually does is take the ability from stucco to function normally and breathe. Due to that, your walls are unable to reflect sun’s rays, but take most of them, almost 90%, in. With texture coating, on the other hand, you can truly get a UV and heat reflective system that lasts a lifetime. Furthermore, with texture coating’s overall exterior protection, your bills will decrease significantly over time.

How Texture Coating Decreases Your Bills

Reducing Your Energy Bills and Staying Comfortable in the Heat

Summer is the time of the year when the Sun is most aggressive and there is literally no way to escape it if you are out in the open. The only chance to catch some cool is to use air conditioning devices at your home and work, as well as in your car. However, with the temperatures being so high, your AC will have to be on all the time, from 8AM to 8PM and your electric bill will be enormous!

According to trusted online vendors of paint supplies, these problems can easily be sorted out with a texture coating. It has an exceptional pigment that, unlike ordinary white paint, actually reflects the heat and prevents it from collecting inside the walls. Due to that, it cannot enter your house either. This way, your indoor temperature will decrease and your need for AC will plummet – hence, your electric bill will be much lower.

Protect the Environment

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Besides helping your monthly budget, texture coating also helps save the planet. If all of use less electricity, we can gradually slow down the process of global warming and thus do something to protect the environment. So, in addition to applying other methods of saving energy at home, consider this solution as it could be one of the “greenest” things you can do – especially if you use coating made from recycled content!

Who is Texture Coating Perfect for?

All those living in hot and humid areas can benefit from texture coating, especially if their local climate includes an abundance of wind and ground movement. With such a versatile and unpredictable weather, you need something solid that will shield your home from all dangers. This is why texture coating is a good solution as its durability will ensure protection for decades to come. Among other benefits it includes are low maintenance requirements, water resistance, flexibility and high resistance to cracking and peeling.

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Lillian Connors
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