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How Important Is Sustainability in The Real Estate Industry?


There are always real estate trends dominating the market during the year, but eventually, they give way to other ideas and fads. Sustainability has had the opposite effect as it’s grown more popular with homeowners in the last decade. Traditional real estate ideals are giving way to the eco-friendly evolution of the market and it’s not too late for agents to learn more about the movement.

How Important Is Sustainability in The Real Estate Industry?

Read on to discover the importance of sustainability in real estate and why it’s essential to prioritize within the industry. When every step of the building and selling process includes green alternatives and strategies, more clients feel empowered to embrace their homeownership dreams while helping the environment.

It’s an Ongoing Concern

It’s never smart to devote all your time and energy to fads. There’s never any guarantee that they’ll last long enough to result in significantly increased sales. Over the past 35 years, there used to be a trend where people sacrificed space for city-based houses, but now more people move to the suburbs for space and lower listing prices.

Some real estate experts might view sustainability in the same light, but environmental concerns have only become more pressing with time. According to a recent survey by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, 69% of Americans are worried about global warming, a 16% increase in public opinion since 2013.

It’s a global issue that’s harder to ignore than at any point in human history. Since 2012, Antarctica has lost three times more ice than in previous decades. Large-scale meteorological patterns have resulted in numerous major droughts and the U.S. experiences more frequent intense wildfires with each year. People want to help heal the planet to reduce these effects, starting with their daily lives at home.

It’s More Accessible Than Ever

Green energy and household technologies used to be haunted by the idea that they were too expensive for the average homeowner to access. Thanks to improved automation the tech behind natural energy sources has dropped. Residential solar power alone dropped by 26% in 2017 after years of continual price decreases, resulting in more businesses offering this option for homeowners who want green housing upgrades.

People looking to sell their homes can also add a few sustainable measures to their property to make it appeal to a broader audience. Anyone can find a smart thermostat at a local home goods store and install it to reduce their energy usage. Smart thermostats typically save users 10% on energy bills because they monitor the household and balance temperature fluctuations with automatic adjustments. 

Potential buyers know there are many options at a homeowner’s disposal to make any property more sustainable. It’s one reason why environmentalism has become a common concern for people to prioritize while they browse listings.

It’s Simple to Include

Even if a client can’t start a project like installing solar panels because of budget or time restrictions, real estate agents can offer sustainable tips that work for any property. Even if you’re reselling commercial real estate, there are a few things everyone can do to ensure the efficiency of energy systems in their building or home to reduce their carbon footprint.

The first place to look is electricity use. Almost everything requires electricity, but there are ways to reduce usage without compromising a client’s routine or quality of life. If sellers were to provide the residents with energy-efficient units, temperature regulation would improve and would require less energy consumption because the unit wouldn’t turn on as often.

Agents can also install new carpeting made with organic or recycled materials. Even switching out traditional lightbulbs with LEDs will minimize a home’s carbon emissions and make it a sustainable option for anyone looking to move. No matter what budget a client has, they can make their property a greener place with simple upgrades.

Strive for More Sustainability

Whether a client wants to sell their house or look for a new place to live, real estate agents can strive for more sustainability in their available options. Provide simple improvement tips, point out affordable upgrades, and spend time researching homeowners’ current environmental concerns to find success within this ongoing housing market trend.

Kayla Matthews
Kayla Matthews
Kayla Matthews is a freelance researcher and writer who contributes to Triple Pundit and The Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter to read her latest articles: @KaylaEMatthews

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