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Off-Grid Living in Top 4 Eco-Friendly Strategies


If you have a home that seems to be far too reliant on your local power grid and you want to find a better solution, chances are you will need to be properly prepared for this before you can make your choice.

There are some ways you can save money, especially while making sure you deal with some useful energy solutions through sustainable energy for your home or office.

There are some really nice ways you can handle this, making sure your power consumption and bills are kept within reasonable limits. The tips ahead will give you a few ideas you can use in making your home more independent from the power grid, saving you money in the long run:

The Switch

You can start the search for your solution by checking with your local energy service provider. Talk to them about possible green energy solutions they be working with if any. Homeowners and companies around the world are beginning to understand the need and benefits of using sustainable energy, so chances are your provider may already have something like this working in their grid.

You could however also deal with things by yourself if you need to, as this will allow you greater independence overall. Solar power, wind power, geothermal power, and more can all be excellent solutions in the long run, but they will all take a good bit of work and initial capital to pull off. Make sure you research your options well ahead of time before you move on to the task at hand.

Solar Power Solutions

In general solar power can be seen used in two ways: actively and passively. Solar cells are the most common way they are used, working on directly absorbing the energy of sunlight and storing it in solar batteries for possible use later down the line.

This will allow you to use it as an alternative to the power grid you already work with, while at the same time keeping the power bills to an acceptable sum and power use levels. Passive solar systems, on the other hand, depend on a different approach, using solar light for heating and lighting without an electrical system involved, using heat shields and mirrors to transfer that energy directly into your home for added warmth and ambiance.

Sunlight Water Heater

This is something people have used for centuries in one form or another, combining water-conducted heat and using it for washing dishes, laundry, bathing, and more. You can really enjoy sunlit water during the hot summer days for a refreshing bath if you have the right system to pull it off. Depending on the local climate and sunlight you can even focus on working with a good circulation system to keep more water warmed up during the extra hot days, assuming there is enough heat to work with.

Wind Power

Wind farm at sunset in a rural country setting with a wheat field blowing in the wind, photographic art, for home and office décor. by Photographs Are Art, Wind farm at sunset in a rural country setting with a wheat field blowing in the wind, photographic art, for home and office décor.

your local weather permits it, you can really get great help from the use of wind power to supplement your home or office’s power grid. Although it won’t be able to completely fix your power needs due to its lack of constant winds, you would still benefit from it to a great degree. If the winds are strong and almost constant, they will have a chance to let you cut down the costs for powering your home or office up to a whopping 80%, making you nigh-independent from your local power grid.


Heather Roberts
Heather Roberts
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