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New Year’s Resolution Every Business Should Make: Go Green to Fight Climate Change


We live in an era of extreme industrial production, high motorization and machinery, which all have one thing in common – abnormal pollution. It is about time businesses and industries rise above the usual money making process, and give something in return, something that will benefit us all, something that will allow existence for generations to come.

Even though a couple of years ago preserving our planet was an insignificant part of businesses’ goal, we may witness a change. Local efforts in keeping our planet habitable are starting to grow globally, individual fights turn to mutual, with different industries that are adopting Eco principles every single day.

Here are some of the reasons why even your business can join the battle for Earth, and why should it become the priority.

Saving the Energy

saving energy

Energy spending is directly proportional to the business’s size, involving not only the machinery and production facilities, but buildings, workspaces, and offices too. We can learn a great deal from firms that already took action by doing our part of the research, make a useful turn even to the internet and start making changes.
You can start by making one tiny difference – switching to LED lighting. A step further would be to switch to low-energy consuming industrial machines. A step even further is to use renewable sources of energy. Solar panels. The list is quite long, and all you need to do is to rationally optimize your budget, do a bit of research, and invest in our future.

Glasshouse Effect

global warming 2

Global warming, a burning issue of today, is a consequence of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, released in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels and deforestation. This is called a greenhouse effect, because an invisible barrier, which interferes with the natural cooling system of our planet, traps the heat that would normally escape from Earth. Media all over the world report these past few years had been the warmest in possibly thousands of years.

A solution to fighting global warming is a set of standards that companies need to meet concerning their production of goods. For example, fossil fuel power plants are to (carbon capture and storage), which means that carbon dioxide is captured and transported to a storage site to prevent it from entering the atmosphere. Also, power plants should to transit to cleaner energy sources – natural gas, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

So if you own production business, keep in mind these standards of regulated emissions, and keep your pollution in check, because overstepping the boundaries might mean great financial fines in the future.

Storage Issues Emerge

Waste is a major issue when it comes to preserving perishable goods. There needs to be a reasonable solution for storing goods, especially in agriculture. Food is one of the most important resources and requires our special attention, so agroindustry needs to come up with the best storage solutions.

For now, a wise investment would be to use storage containers. They are perfect for stockpiling goods, sturdy enough to withstand the elements, you can modify them if needed. It is also easy to install the cooling and heating system, so preservation time increases, and your money and resources are saved too.

The Commute Greening

Another great idea for “greening” is the form of transportation that employees use to get to work. Since some of the corporations have thousands, some even millions, of employees, something like this could surely create a significant difference. Encourage your employees to switch to the safer, less polluting traveling ways, like bicycle, public transportation or even car-pooling.

No matter how small (or big) a company, it should do its part in ecological preserving of our planet. Why wait? The time has come for us to pull our own weight, and join a noble cause right now.

Ariel Bellamy
Ariel Bellamy
Ariel Bellamy is an open-minded blogger who takes care that her words are well written, sharply witty, and unconditionally true. She focuses on all things green – in a battle for Earth, and all things healthy – as in the battle for happiness.

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