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{Infographic} The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries



Climate change is an issue for the entire world’s population. We have all become accustomed to erratic weather patterns in recent years and it is something that is not going away. 2015 was the hottest year on record on this planet and that alone should raise the alarm bells to the seriousness of the situation.

The major world conference on climate change COP 2015 in Paris brought together world leaders and they came to an agreement to formulate an action plan to seriously tackle the problem. It is vital that our world leaders take this problem and provide methods for improving the situation or we will continue to see devastation in terms of fatalities, injuries and widespread property damage.

Being energy efficient and environmentally friendly is a responsibility for all world citizens not just the big government decision makes. A change of behaviour in a household will educate all the younger residents on best practice for being kind to the environment and collective small changes will equal a bigger move that can only benefit our world in the long run.

This infographic from highlights those countries that score at various levels in terms of energy efficiency. It makes for interesting reading; where does your home country feature? Check it out below.

{Infographic} The World's Most Energy Efficient Countries
{Infographic} The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries. Infographic Credit. Source.

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