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{Infographic} The Carbon Footprint of the Digital Age


While we typically think that our atmosphere is being damaged by burning fossil fuels, vehicle and factory pollutants,While we are not taking in our considerations the damage being caused by the digital age. Everyday emails, tweets, Facebook “Likes”, video and music streaming, online browsing and shopping also causes damage to the atmosphere.

Huge amounts of CO2 emissions are created each time use our computers and digital devices, and while we can take a proactive stance and make a conscious decision to try and reduce our own carbon footprint there are some actions that are beyond our individual control.

Spam emails highlights the problem, we don’t ask for them and yet we are bombarded by them on a daily basis. Spam and junk mail are not just annoying they are causing harm to the atmosphere every time they are sent.

Every time we use the internet it causes atmospheric harm and while we remain blissfully unaware of the problem we will continue to use search engines, send tweets and emails.

This Following infographic shows what some of the big online companies, such as Amazon and Google, are doing to counteract the problems caused by our digital age. It may just be the source of information you need to change your digital habits and help lower your own personal carbon footprint.

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