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Ways Strategic Planning Boosts Sustainability in Green Businesses


More than half of digital consumers believe that environmental concerns are an essential aspect of their overall purchase decision. Millennials are invested explicitly in green companies. Most of them are willing to pay for if the said company is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Ways Strategic Planning Boosts Sustainability in Green Businesses

If you are thinking of starting your sustainable business, know that the first step you need to get right is planning. Effective planning can go a long way. 

What is a Green Business?

Before we understand why effective planning is essential for green business, it is first necessary to understand what green business is. 

There was a time when environmentalism was a movement only a few members of the society adopted. Now, “going green” is more of a movement that is spreading like wildfire as we speak.

This is because our generation is witnessing the adverse effects of our irresponsible actions when it comes to how we deal with the environment. This has led to increased awareness and concern about consuming eco-friendly and green products. Therefore, businesses are following suit and jumping onto the “going green” bandwagon. 

A green business refers to an organization that plays an active role in ensuring sustainability in the world. People tend to confuse green businesses with socially responsible ones. The latter is concerned with making sure that their current model doesn’t impact the environment adversely.

On the other hand, the former takes a proactive role in minimizing adverse effects on the environment and delivering sustainable solutions. For instance, if your business offers solar energy software, it will be dubbed as a green business since it offers a solution that minimizes pollution. 

What is a Green Business Plan?

When you think of a business plan, you expect it to relay the financial viability of the said business. This is just one small aspect of a green business plan. In this plan, you must also account for the environmental and social impact of your venture. We often call the approach used by green businesses the triple-bottom-line method.

This is because this plan lays the foundation of, and measures success depending on three factors. This includes profit and impact on the planet and the consumer.

Role of a Green Business Plan

A lot of companies jump right into operations without giving much thought to planning. However, you need effective planning to handle a green business. Here is why making a sound business plan is essential. 

Green businesses are a new ball game altogether

Corporations have existed for centuries. However, only recently has there been a move towards sustainable and environmentally friendly companies. This means that this is a relatively new territory for all companies.

Treading into it without doing your homework can prove to be disastrous. Think of it this way. How would you know what steps to take unless you have planned it all out? A business plan can help set both short-term and long-term goals for your business. 

Sense of direction

Stemming from the above point is the need for a clear direction. An effective business plan does more than clarify the vision and mission of the company. Instead, it also lays down goals you must achieve as an organization.

Without a plan, you will be like a lost fish in the sea. And this is something no one wants, especially when you are unsure about the depth of the water.

Clarity about the industry

An important of planning is analyzing the market and your current competitors. It isn’t just essential to create a sustainable product and sell it to customers. Instead, you need to know how the industry you operate in works, whether it is growing, and who your key competitors are.

All of these elements are part of a business plan. Before you formulate one, it requires you to conduct a PESTLE analysis of the industry as well as a SWOT analysis of your business. This helps you in attaining clarity about your sector. 

Mistakes to avoid in your green business planning 

While effective planning is necessary when handling a green business, it is not always easy to do. Here are some issues that are prevalent. 

Lack of an executive summary

When you are developing a business plan, keep in mind that not all the stakeholders will be interested in reading it all. Therefore, you must include an executive summary in it.

This is especially true if you are looking for investors for your project and using your business plan as a sales pitch. For example, let’s say you have a solar energy software business. In this case, your executive summary should include your company’s vision, mission, current standing, and future goals. 

Insufficient analysis of the market

One of the reasons why planning is vital in the world of green businesses is because it allows you to get an idea about the market and your competitors. However, sometimes when planning, organizations forget to focus on this crucial aspect.

They get a little too invested in developing goals and strategies and sideline the need to do a thorough market analysis. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Your market analysis helps with a lot of important questions like who your target audience is, what are their needs, who is currently satisfying those needs etc. This helps you in shaping a better solution for them. 

Using lingo that people can’t understand 

Those in the field of green businesses sometimes forget that not everyone is adept to understanding technical terms of their field. When you are planning and putting it all in writing, you must ensure that your plan is understandable by all.

Make sure your plan takes your stakeholders on the journey from the beginning. Don’t assume that they know about the industry. Instead, give them all the essential details to bring them up to speed.  


Effective planning is the first block of handling green businesses. Without a comprehensive and thorough plan, your organization is bound to suffer. Make sure you spend considerable time in developing your green business plan.

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