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How Does The Solar Power Demand continue to Climb?


Overall, there seems to be a consensus among the global community that we should collectively reduce dependence on fossil fuels for the sake of the environment. As society looks to renewable sources of energy to solve the problem, it is becoming increasingly apparent that solar could offer a promising solution.

How does The Solar Power Demand continue to Climb?
How does The Solar Power Demand continue to Climb?

In recent years, this energy sector has expanded dramatically, making sustainable energy more accessible, while also strengthening economies through job creation.

Technological Advancement

In the United States, the increase in solar energy production accounted for a 418 percent jump in solar capacity from 2010 to 2014. The rise in the popularity of solar power is in part thanks to continued advancements in technology that have helped to lower the cost of solar panels. This infographic The Refrigeration School created shows that the expense of solar panels declined by 60 percent since 2011. The lower price has made solar a viable energy solution for the government, businesses, and consumers. One company, Solar3D, sold $1 million worth of solar equipment for residential use per month in 2014.

Solar Bringing Hope to All

One of the most exciting aspects of solar energy is the fact that there is no need for a huge infrastructure. We are changing from one form of energy to another and what we are leaving behind is a huge portion of the costs needed to bring power to communities not connected to the energy grid. This means third-world countries now have access to energy without the cost burden of building an electric plant and installing thousands of miles of electrical lines. Numerous products that harness the power of the sun have been invented to help bring power to these communities.

Solar and Job Creation

As the solar energy industry continues to expand, there are benefits for people seeking a new career. New jobs, like installers, mechanical assemblers, and advanced manufacturing technicians represent an opportunity to change careers or embark on a career path that is meaningful, green, and helping to change the world positively.

Check out the infographic, “The Solar Demand,” below to learn more about clean energy solutions and solar jobs.

Good News: Demand for Solar Power Steadily Increasing
How does The Solar Power Demand continue to Climb?

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