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What Is Geothermal Energy? Advantages Of Geothermal Energy


It’s well known that the center of the earth is really hot ,the temperature is rising 1 degree C for every hundred feet depth ,So deep down in the center of the earth the temperature must be very high. It seems that we could do something with this very high temperature ,does not it?  We can use  it for heating and to produce electricity.

And as mentioned the temperature is rising 1 degree C for every hundred feet ,so you might be thinking that High tempter is certainly thousands feet down so should we  go that depth to reach it? No it’s not necessary to go to any depth in order to deliver energy that stored deep down there that’s because the superficial layers of the earth are at temperature sufficiently to evaporate some extremely volatile Substance ,which we might be using in our boilers instead of water.

What Is Geothermal Energy? - Advantages Of Geothermal Energy
What Is Geothermal Energy? – Advantages Of Geothermal Energy

All of what mentioned above explains the Vision of harnessing that heat in the earth’s layers to benefit the world ,it has been known that that energy in the form of heat comes out from earth’s layers into space. For example Solar Energy, the earth absorbs that heat from Sunlight then the heat comes out to the space but about 1% approximately of that energy comes out from the earth itself.

As A Matter Of Fact ,the amount of energy that Stored in the earth is  extremely considerable ,it can Simply provide each in every country in the world with endless energy which covers the needs of energy in the whole world,That heat energy is called Geothermal Energy.

What Is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal Energy is the heat in the earth that derived from the formation of the planet four and half billion years ago , also derived as a result of the gravitational pressure.

Geothermal Energy: Unlimited Geothermal Energy Facts
What Is Geothermal Energy? – Advantages Of Geothermal Energy

This heat is sufficient to power plate tectonics which is the movement of the massive blocks on earth , also to drive mountain building process that occur when this blocks collide.

That heat also sufficient to melt rocks ,generate volcanoes , hot water and to keep the center in its contest temperature. It’s A perpetual energy resources!

It’s known that Geothermal energy didn’t play a big role as one of the amazing types of renewable energy sources in the last centuries ,But Now the awareness about renewable energy ,environment ,economic ,and the benefits of using the renewable energy instead of the non renewable energy is increasing.

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People now become more aware of that and they already use different types of the renewable energy sources to produce energy and keep the environment clean ,and No doubt that Geothermal is one of these renewable energy Sources.

What Does Geothermal Mean?

The word “Geothermal” is two different Greek terms :
“Geo” is a Greek term means Earth.
“Therm” is a Greek term means Heat.
So The term “Geothermal” Is The Heat In The Earth.

Advantages of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy is ubiquitous , abundant and inexhaustible energy ,it actually powers the movement of the continents across the plants .it melts rocks that erupts like volcanoes it also provide energy for the oceans to support life deep down there in the different oceans.

It has been existent for thousands of years and it will be existent for billions of years to come in the future ,It’s available 24h a day ,seven days a week , no matter how bad the weather or how good , hot , cold ,rainy or stormy.

Geothermal Energy can provide energy for each in every country in the world .in the USA only Geothermal energy available for power generation exceeds by several times the total electric power consumption of the whole county.

So Geothermal energy wisely used can contribute in too many different way to help resolve all of the challenges that our globe communities are facing now.


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