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Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Green


When you think about your garden and how to organize it in a way so that you could have a piece of your green paradise, you must be prepared that the winter will make the whole thing seem a bit sad. However, the winter is not the only period during which you’ll have to put in some little extra work and planning for your garden. A very similar situation happens in the summertime, as well. The extreme weather conditions influence the garden, also, leaving it a bit burned out and dry. Here is what to do in order to make your garden look as good as possible.


Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Green.
Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Green. Water.

The first thing that comes to mind when you are trying to protect the plants from the extreme effects of the sun is to water them some more. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, as many people fall into the trap of overwatering. The best thing that you can do is to check out which plants enjoy the extra water that you are giving to them and which of them are not. That is done by inspecting the grounds around its roots and seeing which one is more mud-like, as opposed to the dry ground.

Muddy grounds are a sure sign that the plant doesn’t absorb as much water as you are giving it. Moreover, during the hottest summer days you may want to consider misting. Misting is a way of watering plants by using water in spray. There are also some DIY self-watering ideas that you can use and let your plant absorb just as much as it needs.


image 1Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Green.
Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Green. Ground.

The ground gets dry and it gets harder for the plants to absorb all the nutrients that they need to survive. Therefore, make sure that the ground is well kept and that all the plants need is available to them. One of the very good ideas is to make your own compost and use that ground to keep your plants well fed. On the other hand, always keep in mind that it is possible to go over the top with the food. Keep a close eye on your plants and their reactions to everything that you do. For the pot plants, consider changing the ground once in a while, but not too frequently.


If there is anything that your plants will be getting during the summer – it is the light. The sun is strong and bright and in some cases, it is too much. Therefore, for some of the more sensitive plants that don’t respond well to those amounts of light, you may want to consider building shade for plants that don’t like that sun. In order to make this well, use some green net to make a screen and make sure that it is movable, so that you can make sure that the plants gets proper amount of sun from all the directions. You don’t need to be some expert in order to make the shade for plants and you can keep it in the storage place where you keep all your garden tools throughout the year.


Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Green.
Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Green. Campany.

This is not about playing Mozart to the plants in order to let them grow better. This is about humidification that the plants do when they are close to each other. While some of them starve for humidity, others have it too much and they release that into the air. Putting your plants close to each other and making small groups out of them will be very beneficial for your plants and it will keep them just moist enough to survive the hot summer.

Summer gardening is quite challenging but it is also very rewarding. Having your own garden with all the healthy looking and extremely beautiful greenery is something that makes all your effort worth your while. Therefore, keep a close eye on your plants during the summer and make sure that they respond well to everything that you do, concerning their feeding and their watering. That is the best way to make sure that they are healthy and absolutely beautiful. It will make you proud and it will give you a wonderful place to spend your summer afternoons.

Diana Smith
Diana Smith
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