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Break Free from the Routine – Go Cycling


In the hectic modern world, staying healthy and fit is becoming an increasingly difficult task. And for a good reason, too – we spend hours sitting at the office, we sit while driving to work, having coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and as if that wasn’t enough, we end the day lounging in our sofas watching the telly or gaming away at our PCs.

All that sitting can negatively impact our health and mood, which is why breaking the routine is necessary if you want to stay in shape both physically and psychologically. For a refreshing change, try biking to and from work: cost-efficient, exciting, challenging and extremely healthy, cycling is a great way to stay fit, positive and vigorous – and it’s good for the planet as well.

Health benefits of cycling

Break Free from the Routine - Go Cycling

Biking is an excellent way to stay fit and prevent obesity, diabetes and a host of other diseases commonly associated with insufficient exercise.

Suitable for people of all ages, riding skills and stamina levels, biking can improve heart rate, posture, coordination, and mobility of joints, expand lung capacity, increase cardiovascular fitness and flexibility, build muscle mass, reduce anxiety, stress and body fat – and if that’s not enough to convince you to take your bike for a ride around the neighborhood, cycling can also help prevent depression and a range of psychological problems often associated with a lack of workout.

Cycling is Eco-friendly transport

Break Free from the Routine - Go Cycling

We’re hearing more and more calls for a shift to green technologies, products, and transport modes. If you share the concern for our planet and want to do a little something that will count a lot for future generations, swap your car for a bike: with no carbon dioxide emission whatsoever and with a minimal waste footprint, bikes are one of the cleanest transport modes in the world.

In addition to the absence of carbon waste resulting from cycling, bikes also take less energy to produce than a regular car or motorcycle, which is yet another green aspect of our beloved pedal-powered two-wheelers.

Bikes save you time and stress in heavy traffic

Break Free from the Routine - Go Cycling

On top of their health and environment-related benefits, bikes are also extremely easy to maneuver in peak transport hours. With a trusty aluminum steed, you will never again get stuck in a traffic jam or bottleneck: unlike motorbikes and four-wheelers, bikes can easily get past a long row of cars waiting for the road to clear in case of an accident or just regular traffic delay.

Thanks to the graceful, slim dimensions of a bike, parking too becomes a piece of cake – you can park up to twenty bikes in one car parking space, which will save you the time you’d otherwise spend driving around looking for a vacant parking lot.

Cycling is good for your wallet, too

Break Free from the Routine - Go Cycling

Unlike cars and motorbikes, regular cycles run on sheer muscle power, so swapping an engine-powered mode of transport for a bike can significantly cut your monthly commuting expenses. Say goodbye to money wasted on taxes, registration, driver’s license renewals and constantly rising fuel prices: the only petrol you’re going to need for a trip to work or your friend’s place is the energy your body already has.

Maintenance made easy and affordable

Break Free from the Routine - Go Cycling

As most bikes have a simple construction comprising rims, wheels, tire, frame, handles, saddle Seatpost, suspension and crankset, maintenance becomes as easy as ABC and as affordable as it can be.

Instead of checking in at the mechanic shop every time a vent pops our or a wire becomes disconnected, invest the money in a handful of convenient bike accessories and equip your two-wheeler with gear that you like or need most, like a set of mudguards, kickstand, luggage carrier, bottle cage and saddlebag and make your rides 100% comfortable, hassle-free and fun-oriented.

Ready to hop onto the saddle and pedal away? Go ahead – taking up cycling may just be the best decision you’ve made this year.

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