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The 10 Best Solar Ovens For an Eco-Friendly Cooking


Today, homesteads and commercial platforms are adopting solar cooking either as a cooking alternative, way to cut cost or as fun. The cooking technique is sufficient since it works on a set-up which requires only the ovens which are locally available and the sun which is inexhaustible. The solar ovens have reflectors which trap light particles (photons) then convert them to heat which cooks the meal of choice.

The 10 Best Efficient Solar Ovens For Eco-Friendly Cooking
The 10 Best Efficient Solar Ovens For Eco-Friendly Cooking. Source

In the recent past, the number of solar ovens has been on the rise. Today, people understand the many benefits accrued by this mode of cooking and this is what influences the rising number of solar ovens in the market. As a result, manufacturers have continued to supply the market with cooking stoves. Although the solar ovens come in different styles, their design falls under the four major categories which I’m going to discuss.

1. Box Solar Ovens

These ovens are the most widely used around the world. The ovens are typically box-shaped and come in considerable sizes. Their size favors those seeking to prepare separate meals or cook for a bigger number of people. The box ovens cook slowly thus suitable for anything that can be simmered in a slow cooker, cooked in a microwave, or roasted in an oven.

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2. Parabolic Solar Ovens

Often, many platforms refer to these as curved concentrator ovens because of their set up. Over the other categories, the parabolic ovens are designed to create high heat concentration hence cooking meals faster. The ovens’ rounded walls direct all the heat to the base where one places the food. They are most popular in China but are gaining fame in institutions and commercial food joints in the US that cook frequently. Because of the high temperatures, the ovens are the perfect choice to fry, grill or even pop popcorns.

SolSource Classic Solar Cooker
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  • 550°F TEMPERATURE (300°C) - Not only does this cooker reach temperatures comparable to kitchen ovens, it also reaches those temperatures five times faster than a charcoal grill. Plus, you can control the heat by adjusting the reflectors for perfectly grilled meats with that flavorful outer crisp and tender slow-cooked insides. Even better, there's no need for crouching and bending over as you cook.
  • HEALTHY COOKING - Cooking with solar energy means there is no toxic smoke blowing in your face while you're preparing meals. Plus, you won't get soot or ash in your food like with charcoal grills. The 100% recyclable solar grill is engineered to have a net positive impact on the environment by emitting zero carbon emissions, making this sun powered oven good for both you and planet Earth.
  • BACKYARD SOLAR COOKER - The SolSource Classic is perfect for cooking in the backyard or on the terrace. Whether it is a hot summer day or sunny winter afternoon, the solar cooker can be used anytime the sun is visible. The cooker weighs 39.6 lbs., so it can be moved around the patio as needed to watch the kids play, create more space to accommodate guests, or find more optimal sunlight.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Don't worry about having to scrub the mirrors. All you need is soapy water and a cloth to wipe away the grease from cooking off of the SolSource Classic. Dry off the water with a soft towel and it is ready for the next use. The solar reflectors stay cool during use, so you won't have to wait around for the surface of the cooktop to cool before you clean the mirrors.

3. Solar Panel ovens

The panel ovens combine the designs of the box and parabolic cookers regarding their design. These ovens use panels to trap light particles then direct the heat to a separate box which holds the meal. The separate box is made of plastic or glass to assist in retaining the trapped heat. These ovens are suitable for meals that require slow cooking, or roasting. The panel ovens are cheap to manufacture so readily available in most local stores at an affordable price.

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4. Evacuated tube Solar Ovens

Last but not the least are the evacuated tube cookers. The name might not sound familiar because they are new in the market. However, these ovens are slowly winning people’s attention owing to their excellent service delivery and the fact that they can work well even under cloudy skies. They comprise large evacuated glass tubes stuck between shiny reflector panels. This set up allows maximum trapping of heat to temperatures of up to 290ºC hence favorable for cooking meat, vegetables, dessert, and bread among many other meals.

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  • COOL TO TOUCH - No fire hazard here. The stove's solar vacuum tube cooking chamber provides a near perfect layer of insulation, keeping the exterior surface cool even while hot inside.
  • EASY AND DELICIOUS - Just load food into the tube cooking chamber and set the camber on the reflector to cook, no monitoring required. This solar oven retains your food's flavor and nutrition cooking from 360° (like a slow cooker - but faster).
  • FAST AND RELIABLE - Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 550°F (290°C) in full sunlight. The GoSun Sport is effective at capturing ultraviolet light and holding its heat. If you can see a defined shadow, you can cook!
  • INCLUDED - Tube cooking chamber, 2 foldable parabolic reflectors, a stainless-steel cooking tray, a rugged scrubby cleaning tool and an instruction manual. GoSun does not require frequent adjustment, making it a low-maintenance, fuel-free cooking device.

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With the knowledge of the four categories, it’s now easy to pick an oven that matches your taste. When acquiring a solar oven, first you should consider the cost. After all, everyone is looking for a solar oven to cut cost. Also, one should put cooking needs into consideration. It is advisable to choose an oven that suits the meals that you intend to prepare. Lastly, a buyer should consider efficiency regarding the oven’s portability in case he or she plans to use it in different locations such as homes and camping sites.

Over the past few decades, forests have fallen victims of humanity in search of firewood to cook. Therefore, with the solar ovens in play, it is a relief to the environment. Also, cooking via solar energy is comfortable and healthy as we all know how cooking fires are a threat to our lungs and eyes.


Recently, solar cooking is slowly gaining popularity. Thanks to the manufacturers, the solar ovens have been made locally available at affordable prices. It is, therefore, a high time that the cooking method got embraced even at the individual level. With that said and done, the environment will be a significant beneficiary. Besides, people will also benefit concerning health.

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