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10 Best Solar Garden Lights (In-Depth Guide)


Solar lights became a trend in outdoor and landscape design, They work on a system that has three main parts, a light-emitting diode or LED bulb, a solar panel, and a battery. The solar panel which made from crystalline silicon converts solar energy into electricity to charge the battery, and then the LED bulb uses this electricity to operate during the night.

10 Best Solar Garden Lights for Pathways, Patio
Best solar garden lights

Garden solar lights are the go-to choice for house owners to light their lawns and backyards instead of incandescent lights because they have no operating or maintenance cost and have no negative effect on the environment. Let’s dig a little deeper into the benefits of the solar garden lights before we get to our list.

Solar Garden Lights are More Efficient

As I said before any garden solar light has LED bulbs which make it far more efficient than any other option. LED lights have become an alternative to incandescent bulbs. That’s because they use 90% less energy, have an estimated lifespan between 30,000 to 50,000 hours, don’t produce heat, and don’t have toxic chemicals like fluorescent lighting.

Easy to Install

Solar garden lights don’t require an electrical grid, digging, or experience with electricity. All you need to do is to put the light in a sunny spot, let it charge, and enjoy it. That makes solar lights much safer than electrical ones to install around sandpits and playgrounds. Kids will be safe and away from any unwanted accidents.

Require no Maintenance

You won’t have to worry about maintenance by using solar powered garden lights. All they need is cleaning regularly to make sure the solar panel on each light working at its best.


Solar lights reduce your household energy consumption which will lead to less use of fossil fuel by the main power stations and reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

Cost Nothing to Operate

Solar garden lights cost nothing, absolutely ZERO, because they run entirely on the sunlight. The traditional 100-watt incandescent light would cost $131.40 a year if you left it burning 24 hours a day. The only downside of solar lights is that they have a much higher initial cost and limited by weather conditions such as clouds.

What to look for When Buying Backyard Solar Lights

There are 4 factors you need to check when buying solar lights for your garden:

IP Rank: IP rank or Ingress Protection rank measures how much protection the light will have against liquid such as water. Look for solar lights for your garden pathway and fence with IP higher than 64, those are completely waterproof.

Auto On/Off: To save time and energy, buy solar lights with an automatic on/off sensor, that sensor will turn the light on at dusk and turn it off at dawn.

Illumination: In general There are 2 types of lighting. Functional lighting with high Lumen provides the needed amount of light for tasks like reading and eating or for security. Style lighting low Lumen is for decorative reasons just to give the place a personal touch.

Note: The lumen is a measurement of how bright the light is.

Reviews: Check out what the people say about their experience for each light, See how many stars they give. All solar garden lights on the following list have more than 60% of 5 stars reviews on Amazon.

Now for our list of The Best Solar Garden Lights

1. SolarGlow Solar Path Lights

SolarGlow Solar Path Lights

SolarGlow garden solar lights perfect to outline your front entranceway, pathway or highlight your flower bed. The 15 Lumen LED in each light is great for highlighting the pathway and add some security.

SolarGlow lights come in a set of 6 lights each has three parts, plastic stake, stainless steel post and the light which made of both stainless steel and plastic and has a solar panel on its top. You can assemble the three parts with ease under 5 minutes in total, and then you can put it in your garden right away.

The sensor in each light will turn off the LED at dawn and allow the AA battery to recharge during the day. At dusk, the sensor will turn the lights on and they will stay on for 8 hours or more on a fully charged battery.

SolarGlow is pretty confident about their lights’ weather-resistant. The Manufacturing company says “No worries about rain, snow, frost, or sleet. Rugged ABS plastic construction gives the longest-lasting life of any LED lights on the market! Made tough and sealed tight.” They even give a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee. It means if any of the lights stopped working for any reason they would send you a replacement free for life.

Light Type/Color: Functional bright white.
Battery: AA rechargeable batteries included.

Resistance: All weather resistant.
Price: $36.99 for 6 lights.

2. AMIR Solar Powered String Lights

amir solar powered string lights

With AMIR Solar-powered string lights you can build any shape you like. You can use it to decorate your patio or deck or wrap it around trees trunks or put it on a small shrub.

These string solar garden lights made with thin and flexible 33ft copper wire which has 100 LED bulbs that illuminate in every direction. In the dark, the wire fades to invisible, leaving only the bright lights. The wire comes coiled with a bobbin winder to make the lights easy to storage and ready for use whenever.

On the back of the adjustable solar panel, there is a 2 switch button, power on/off,  Auto on at dusk, auto off by day, and mode (Steady on / Flashing). The battery is non-replaceable and you will need to charge it under the sun using the light’s solar panel for 2-3 days before using for the first time to fully charge.

Both the string lights and the solar panel are IP65 Waterproof, that’s why it won’t be effect be weather conditions such as dust or rain.

Light Type/Color: Stylish White.
Battery: Built-in.

IP Rank: 65.
Price: $13.99.

3. Solar Light Mart Twin Solar Powered Spotlights

solar light mart twin solar powered spotlights

The Mini 50X twin solar garden spotlights can be mounted around your driveway, deck or patio. You can put them into the ground for lighting up entrance, gardens, yards, pools and recreation areas. They are made of cast aluminum textured with a black finish, with clear impact resistant lens on the fixture. Each fixture has high power 3 Watt CREE SMD 3,000K LED light equipped with a special magnifying lens which Solar Light Mart are very proud with the amount of Lumen they give.

The Manufacturing company says “We designed these with 3 Watt extreme bright warm white (3,000K) high power LED light that similar to the halogen light. But these put out an astounding 60-100 lumens per fixture“. They also claim that their spotlights are 50X brighter than any other solar garden lights in the market, that because of the amount of LUX the 50X Twin Solar garden spotlights have.

Note: LUX is the measurable amount of light that falls on the ground from a lamp.

To avoid overheating each spotlight equipped with multiple high-grade heat sinks to cool the LED chips. The unit comes pre-assembled with pre-charged Lithium batteries. The solar light runs 5-12 hours on a full charge with an adjustable brightness setting, between 60 and 100 Lumen. The 50X twin solar garden lights have a waterproof connector between the spotlights and the solar panel. The rest of the unit is IP55 waterproof. Each purchase gives you a string of 2 cast aluminum spotlight fixtures with one solar panel, with mechanical fasteners to create soft downlight/uplight ascend.

Light Type/Color: Functional warm white.
Battery: Lithium battery included.

IP Rank: 44.
Price: $43.99.

4. Sunklly Hanging Solar Lights

sunklly hanging solar lights

Sunklly’s antique solar lamps are perfect to light or decorate your garden or lawn and can be hanged on umbrellas or tree branches. With its retro design and faint flashing yellow light like candles in the wind, these solar lamps give any place they are in a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

Sunklly’s solar garden lamps made of high-quality plastic and metal with a clamp to hang the lamps or carry it anywhere which comes in handy for fishing or camping trips. The lamps have a waterproof grade of IP44, which means they are waterproof in rainy and wet conditions. but don’t dip them intentionally in water, the base is not waterproof.

The battery is replaceable to allow longer service time. However, the 600mAh battery included can work up to 8 hours if you let it charge for 6-8 hours during the day.

Light Type/Color: Stylish warm white.
Battery: AA batteries required. (included)

IP Rank: 44.
Price: $36.99.

5. URPOWER 2 in 1 Spotlight

solar light mart twin solar powered spotlights

The 2 in 1 Functions of the 3rd generation of URPOWER solar garden spotlights allows you to stick the light into the ground or mount it on the wall using the included screws. For this reason, there is a wide range of uses for these lights. For instance, it can be used to highlight tress fountains or your newest landscape edition. Also. they can be used to provide a powerful source of light around decks, pergolas or driveways.

Both the light and the solar panel angles are adjustable. The solar panel angle can be adjusted 180 degrees for optimum sun exposure, and the light can be adjusted 90 degrees to illuminate the perfect spot.

These solar lawn lights depend on 4 LED bulbs, 50 lumens in each, for Illumination. It runs on 2200mAh 18650 lithium rechargeable batteries that need 4-5 hours to recharge and work for about 6-9 hours. However, for the first use, you need to leave the light under the sun for two sunny days to let the battery fully charge.

URPOWER solar spotlights have to modes high light mode & dim light mode. Also, the spotlight has a waterproof grade of IP 64 which withstands all kinds of weather all around the year.

Light Type/Color: Functional cold white.
Battery: 18500 lithium battery 3.7V 2200mAh.

IP Rank: IP64.
Price: $28.99.

6. CHBKT Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights

chbkt solar powered mason jar lights

CHBKT Mason jar lights give your garden a fairy and romantic touch. These lights are great for DIY garden decoration for wedding, evenings and can be a very nice gift in birthday parties because they are safe to handle even after a long time use.

The jar is a standard-size Mason jar with a regular mouth, 2 3⁄8 in (60 mm) inner and 2 3⁄4 in (70 mm) outer diameter and height 5 1/9 in (130 mm). These Solar Lantern jars have a rounded base and square body made of premium thick glass, with a metal handle on the neck. Each jar has a copper wire with 20 long-lasting micro-LED bulbs that give warm white like Fireflies. On top of the lid of each jar, there is a solar panel that transfers solar power into electricity to charge the AAA rechargeable battery located underneath the lid along with a standard on/off switch.

The battery needs 5-8 hours in the sun to be able to light for up to 8-12h. Make sure that the switch is on for the battery to start recharging. When there is not enough sunlight, one AAA rechargeable battery can be a back-up. The design of the jars won’t let moisture percolate through the solar panels and O-shape seal ring won’t let moisture get into the jars, which gives these solar lights waterproof grade of IP65.

Light Type/Color: Stylish warm white
Battery: AAA rechargeable battery

IP Rank: 65
Price: $30.99

7. Brightech Solar Powered LED String Lights

brightech solar powered led string lights

The vintage Edison style of Brightech’s solar string light with its nostalgic glow will create a beautiful backyard atmosphere for birthday parties or family reunions. You can use it also to light your patio, deck, garden, balcony, porch, gazebo, or pergola. The elegant warm glow of this solar string sets the mood for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the breeze of a cool summer evening.

This solar string light is 27 feet long with 12 G40 LED bulbs, this energy-efficient 1 Watt LED bulbs stay cool to the touch even after hours of burning. Each LED bulb is 3,000K, made of long-lasting durable plastic shells so that it will not break, and last up to 20,000 hours saving you money and energy on electricity and replacement bulbs.

The included solar panel has a 2000 mAH battery that fully charges over the course of 6 hours of sunlight and shines for 5-6 hours after dusk. Brightech built its light with its own durable WeatherTite Technology to make them weatherproof and waterproof so that they can withstand extreme temperatures, rainy, windy, or damp climates. They give a full 3-year warranty with each string light.

Light Type/Color: Functional warm white
Battery: 2000maH

Resistance: Weatherproof and Waterproof
Price: $54.99

8. OxyLED Decorative Solar Garden Lights

oxyled decorative solar garden lights

If you want to give your garden a fairy touch, OxyLED gives you the best solar garden lights for the task. Every Light set has 3 solar powered LED lights with a Butterfly, Dragonfly & Hummingbird shaped stake light with 7 color-changing LED. Perfect as path and in-ground lights, suitable for trees, flowers, flowerbed, fence, walkway, this solar garden lights does it all.

These decorative solar lights made of Stainless Steel & ABS Plastic Stake and crystal clear acrylic figurines on aluminum poles. Each light stake is about 30 inches in height. Controlled by manual on/off switch, built-in solar panel automatically recharges during the day and light turns on automatically when dark. The light mode will last for 8 hours after fully charged. Since this solar garden light is battery-free and wireless so it is safe to use.

IP65 waterproof, as long as not being soaked into the water, it will be functioning in almost every weather conditions. Every OxyLED solar garden light comes with a full 12-month warranty, and a 30 days money back guarantee.

Light Color: Stylish multi-color.
Battery: AAA Batteries.

IP Rank: 65.
Price: $17.49.

9. Gama Sonic Solar Outdoor LED Light 

gama sonic solar outdoor led light

You can use the Gama Sonic Baytown outdoor solar light fixture pretty much anywhere. There are three mount kits come with this light fixture, fitter mount, wall mount and pier base. Attach the fitter mount to use the fixture at the top of a 3-inch-diameter pole or post, the screws on the fitter mount will make sure that the light fixture is fixed in place.

The wall sconce also allows you to mount this solar garden light on any wall anywhere around the garden. With the pier base, you can fit and screw it down on any flat, horizontal surfaces of at least 6.5 inches in length and width, such as pillars, columns, deck posts, and deck rails.

Gama Sonic solar lights for garden made with powder-coated, rust-resistant cast aluminum. On top of each unit, there are four monocrystalline silicon solar panels protected by weather-resistant, cleanable tempered glass to help ensure their long-lasting reliability.

Inside the light fixture, there are 10 LEDs with two lights colors, 80-lumen bright white or 70-lumen warm white, and patented cone reflector that enhances the LEDs’ glow by dispersing their light outward and downward, making the output look more like that provided by an incandescent bulb but without the excessive energy usage.

To set up you need to:

  • Terminate any utility lines if you are replacing an old electrical light.
  • Select the light color from the downside of the top of the unit.
  • Follow the product manual to mount the light using one of the included mount kits.
  • Let it charge and you are good to go.

Game Sonic light fixture has 3 colors to choose from, each has a different price, black, Weathered Bronze, and white. The light’s replaceable 3.2-volt 1,500-mAh Li-ion battery can last for 1,000 charges, and for every hour under direct sunlight, it should provide 1.5 hours of light during the night. The light is weather resistant and backed by a Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Light Type/Color: Functional warm white and bright white.
Battery: 1,500-mAh Li-ion battery.

Resistance: Weatherproof resistant design.
Price: $92.07.

10. Greenlighting LED Solar Post Cap Lights

greenlighting led solar post cap lights

GreenLighting solar powered post cap lights are suitable for adding an inviting touch to your garden. Designed to fit on 4” x 4” wood posts and provide soft glow light. Take into consideration that the lumen given by these lights are not enough for functional lighting, they can make your garden fence or any wood post in your garden look better.

They come with a rechargeable Ni-CD battery and mounting screws for each light to save you time going to the store. I couldn’t find the exact waterproof grade for these lights but the company said that the weather resistant finish will keep these lights going for seasons to come. You can buy up to 8 lights per purchase and choose from 3 colors, white, copper, and black.

Light Type/Color: Stylish cool white.
Battery: AA Ni-CD rechargeable battery included.

Resistance: Weatherproof and Waterproof.
Price: $99.99 for 8 lights.


There you have it, the 10 best solar garden lights. Remember that you need to make sure your garden lighting needs to choose a suitable light for the task. Take into consideration that all solar lights have one downside. They depend on the weather, a cloudy day can affect the number of lighting hours the light can give during the night.

With that being said let me know about your experiences in using solar garden lights, and what is your feedback about the lights from my list in the comment section below.

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