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The 10 Best Solar Garden Lights Of 2023


Solar garden lights are the go-to choice for house owners to light their lawns and backyards instead of incandescent lights because they have no operating or maintenance cost and have no negative effect on the environment. 

In this post, we put a spotlight on the best solar garden lights on Amazon. And also you’ll learn what makes a solar-powered garden light worth your money and how to choose the best one for your needs. So make sure to read until the end. 

Let’s get started.

Top Picks

  • 182 LEDs.

  • 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery.

  • IP65.

  • 1 LED.

  • Lots of color options

  • IP65.

  • 4 LEDs.

  • 2200 mAh Ni-MH battery.

  • Waterproof.




The 10 Best Solar Garden Lights

Here are the top 10 solar-powered garden lights for your front lawn or backyard. These offer a wide spectrum of useful features for gardens and conserve energy to offer reduced utility costs

1. Aootek Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Aootek Solar Motion Sensor Lights

The Aootek solar lights or floodlights have three modes with a greater PIR sensor range. The ultra-bright LED with the upgraded solar panel in these lights gives you longer and brighter working hours. As one of the brightest solar lights, you can use it to light up any place in your garden where it gets pitch black. You can mount them on walls, fences, gutters, or on your garage door.

Price: $33.95


3 Modes

The first mode is the “security mode”. It allows you to use motion sensors to detect any unwanted activity in your front lawn or backyard.

The second mode is the “permanent on” and it allows you to keep it turned on all night to stay safe.

And the last one is the “smart brightness control”. When the light is on this mode it stays normal and turns brighter when it detects motion.

Sensitive PIR motion inductor

It can detect any activity in a 26 feet range within a 120° arc. So, it can capture any unwanted movement in your yard or front lawn. And can turn on the brightness to detect unwanted intruders.

Ultra Bright Lights

Each light has 182 LEDs and is designed with reflective structures which can reduce the lighting loss and increase the brightness of the lights.

High-Efficient Solar Panel

The upgraded solar panel is covered with a PET film and has a conversion rate of %20.5. That makes the Aootek lights more durable and suitable for long-term use.

Aootek Outdoor Solar Lights provide far brighter lighting and a wider detection range than other similar lights on the market.


Switch Placement

The switch is on the back. So you have to unmount the lights every time you want to change the mode.

Short time

The dim-until-motion mode keeps the light brighter for only 15 seconds which is not enough time if you unload stuff. The light will keep switching between dim and bright every time you step into its range. It would be more useful if the time window was 1 or a few minutes.

The Solar panel angel

The solar panel is at an angle not facing straight up. That can affect how much sun the lights get on cloudy days.


Color:Black color.
Material:ABS plastic.
Number of LEDs:182 LEDs.
Battery Capacity:2200 mAh lithium-ion battery.
IP Rank:IP65.
Number of lights:2 lights per set.

2. Hmcity Solar Security Lights

2. Hmcity Solar Security Lights

A cheaper option than the Aootek lights with nearly the same qualities. Hmcity lights provide one of the widest illumination coverage in the market. The solar panel on these lights is enhanced to provide faster charging time. Like its Aootek counterparts, you can mount it where you need light around your garden.

Price: $35.99


Sensitive PIR motion inductor

The motion sensor detects any movement up to 26ft with a 120° detection angle. After it detects movement the lights stay for the 30s and can extend to a full minute if detected again during this period to ensure energy saving. And this is the only mode these lights have (more on that later).

Fast charging

The monocrystalline silicon solar panel has a conversion rate of up to 20.5% and can charge the batteries 10% faster than the other lights on the market.

Body material

The lamp body is made from a high-impact ABS lamp body. It can endure hot weather, corrosion, and rain, which ensures a longer usage time.

Wide lighting angle

The 120 LEDs in the Hmcity solar lights have high brightness with their reflective structure. The lighting angle is 270° and can light up to 30㎡.


Only has on or off

Unlike other lights in the market, these lights have only one mode, on or off. They are ONLY motion-sensing lights which can be a big downfall. But if you want it for security reasons or you need it to light up your garage as you park your car it can be a good choice.

The manual

The manual is poorly written and you will find it relatively hard to set up the light due to a lack of information.


Material:ABS plastic.
Number of LEDs:120 LEDs.
Battery type:Lithium-ion battery.
IP Rank:IP65.
Number of lights:4 lights per set.

3. LEREKAM Solar Spotlights

Very bright and its design is nicer than other spotlights in the market. The LEREKAM solar spotlights are easy to assemble and aim toward the spot you want to highlight. They come in two pieces, a stake and the light itself. If you’re looking for a high brightness level, a high-quality build, and lots of color options, these lights are the ones to start with.

Price: $24.58



There are 4 color options available when you buy LITOM Lights. Cold white, warm white, purple, and multicolored. The multicolored option has 12 colors to choose from. Either you press the on/off switch for 3 seconds to enter the auto-changing color mode, or press the switch once to enter the fixed color mode and chose your favorite color. The colors are Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink, Light Green, Tangerine, Light Purple, Light Yellow, Light Blue, and White.

3 Modes

Press the power button once to use the low light mode. It gives dim light for 12 hours. Or press the button twice for 6 working hours in the bright light mode. With the multicolored lights that would be 6 hours for fixed color mode and 12 hours for auto-changing color mode.

Illumination and Angle

With 40 LEDs that give 1000 Lumens (according to the active mode), LEREKAM lights are more practical compared to other 4-6 LED solar lights. They have a Wider 120° Lighting Angle & 90° Adjustable head, which make it easier to aim the light where you want.

2 Installation Options

Stick them into the ground or mount them on the wall, and light up wherever you want around your garden. The IP score of 65 withstands any bad weather making these lights last for over 30000 working hours (which are almost 3.5 years).


No motion sensors

These lights have no motion sensor. It runs on auto on/off mode, it will charge all day and light up when it’s dark. So if you want a spotlight with motion sensors these lights aren’t for you.

Need strong sunlight

Many reported that after a cloudy day LITOM lights do not work anywhere near their best. They need a full day of sunlight in order to get a full charge. Even with a slightly overcast don’t expect these to work all night.


This light gives a broad light something like a blanket not focused as spotlights should be. That affects the range of the light beam as the light dispersed fast.


Material:ABS plastic.
Number of LEDs:40 LEDs.
Battery capacity:2200 mAh lithium-ion batteries.
IP Rank:IP65.
Number of lights:2 lights per set.

4. BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights

4. BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights

If you want an elegant touch to add to your yard these are the lights to go for. Even during the daytime, they look great and you will enjoy the pattern they cast on the ground. The BEAU JARDIN pathway/in-ground lights are well made and a good mix of pretty design and good material.

Besides providing light for the walkway, you can use them to light the driveway, front yard, or your flower beds.

Price: $58.97


Easy to install

You won’t need any tools to set up these lights. Just assemble the parts together, push them into the ground, let them charge and you are finished. 

Lots of color options

The BEAU JARDIN in-ground Lights have an auto color-changing mode that has 7 colors which other pathway lights lack. The 7 colors are red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, and white.

Besides that, the light itself has three color options (black, brown, and sliver) to choose from to match the accent of your garden.

Martial and design

The quality of these lights is great. They are made of stainless steel and a glass part that covers the LED. The glass part is a Hexagonal Lattice glass that gives a diamond-patterned cast on the ground that looks awesome.



The tube that goes into the ground might break easily if you applied a bit of pressure on it. Also, you might find one or two lights stopped working after a month or so.


Color:Black, brown, and silver.
Material:Stainless steel and glass.
Number of LEDs:1 LED.
Battery type:AA Ni-MH battery.
IP Rank:IP65.
Number of lights:8 lights per set

5. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights

5. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights

For the price, these lights are better than what you expect from them. They look good and work just right. GIGALUMI pathway lights will give your garden a soft glow at night and a wonderful edition during the day. They will keep shining bright even after a cloudy day.

Price: $21.99


Good quality and easy to install

The quality is pretty decent for 20 USD solar lights. They are made from stainless steel and they won’t overheat. Flick the top and move the switch to ON. Then assemble the light and push the stakes into the ground. It’s that simple.

More than one color option

They got lots of color options, they are cold white, warm white, and multicolored. Each set has a fixed color except for the multicolored one. You will get 2 colors for each of these 6 (red, yellow, green, blue, blue/violet, and white). But they don’t have an auto color-changing mode.


Broken light

Many reported that when they got their lights they found one or two lights broken. On the bright part, the customer service is very good and they will send you a replacement right away.

The Colors and brightness

Unlike the BEAU JARDIN lights, the GIGALUMI solar pathway lights don’t have an auto color change. Just 2 fixed lights of each color. The brightness also isn’t as bright as other options in the market.


If your area gets constant rain you may choose not to go with these lights. Some of them may get filled with water and stop working, unlike other garden lights.


Color:Black and silver.
Material:Stainless steel.
Number of LEDs:1 LED.
Battery capacity:100 mAh batteries.
IP Rank:n/a
Number of lights:12 lights per set.

6. Rayolon Solar Ground Lights

6. Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights

Another elegant touch you can put in your garden. With a low-profile design, these lights will make your garden stand out. And the price is sweet for a pack of 8 lights.

You can use Rayolon disk lights on your sidewalks, lawns, corridors, etc., to add a beautiful scene for the night.

Price: $36.99


More LED

Usually, other lights have 6 LEDs but Rayolon Ground Lights have 8. They give more light and brightness all day long on a 600 mAh Ni-MH battery.


The lights are so small and so low to the ground hence the low profile design. They won’t give you any trouble when mowing or trimming your grass.

Customer services

Rayolon offers 24 hours refunds or replacements. They said that their lights have been fully checked before shipping to ensure great quality. 


The spike

The spike’s material isn’t sturdy and it might require wetting the ground and digging a small hole to push the light into the ground or it might break. And make sure there is no dirt on the panel.


Because of the low profile design, during winter you might pull these lights of the ground. The snow will cover them and the lights will be useless.

Light direction

Unlike other solar path lights, these lights send a short beam of light upwards. You might find this annoying as the brightness of the lights hits your eyes as you look down the stairs. Also, it won’t be a perfect choice if you want to light up the ground as well.


Material:Stainless steel and ABS plastic.
Number of LEDs:1 LED.
Battery capacity:600 mAh Ni-MH battery.
IP Rank:Waterproof, IP65.
Number of lights:4/8/12/16 lights per set.

7. InnoGear Solar Landscape Spotlights

7. InnoGear Solar Landscape Spotlights

Independently adjustable light & panel, Improved Brightness, 2 Working Modes, Advanced 1.5W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel, 2 Ways of Easy Installation, and Outstanding Durability & Quality Guaranteed. This InnoGear solar spotlight has it all.

You can use it to light up your garage door, around the house, or mount it on the wall and highlight wherever you want in your yard.

Price: $55.99


Independently Adjustable Light & Panel

With other solar spotlights, it is hard to get the most sun exposure with the right light angle. That’s because the solar panel and the light are combined together. But that is not the case here. You can move the solar panel in these lights 180° and the light head 90° separately up and down. That gives you the freedom to aim the light without sacrificing max sunlight exposure.

2 modes

InnoGear Solar landscape lights have 2 working modes. The first one is Low Mode which lasts for 12 hours. And the High Mode lasts for 6 hours.

2 in 1 Functions

This feature is great. You can stake the light into the ground wherever you want or screw it to the wall. Both work fine. You will find a kit that includes all the tools you need to install the lights inside the package.

Quality Guaranteed

The lights have so many quality certificates That ensure the quality of the light. Some of them are FCC, CE, RoHS, and more.


No motion sensor

I would love to see a high-quality spotlight like this with a motion sensor, but these lights don’t have one. The InnorGear lights have only an auto on/off functions. Charge all day and turn the light on automatically when it gets dark.

Only 90°

You can’t aim the light head downwards because The 90° starts from virtually straight and up. So if you want to use them as pathway lights you might need to push them as far as you can into the ground or be creative and come up with another solution.


Material:ABS plastic.
Number of LEDs:4 LEDs.
Battery capacity:2200 mAh Ni-MH battery.
IP Rank:Waterproof, IP rank is not mentioned.
Number of lights:4 lights per set.

8. Davinci Solar Post Cap Lights

8. Davinci Solar Post Cap Lights

Davinci flexfir lights are one of the best solar cap lights on the market right now. They are fixable to fit wooden posts and LEDs can last for a very long. They are easy to install and you can use them to light your fence patio or deck.

Price: $16.99


It Fits

They fit 4, 5, and 6-inch wooden posts. and one amazon wrote it in this way (for wooden posts only). When installing them you will find that the mounting screws go on top of the base, not on the sides like other post lights. Also, you will find the corners of a 6×6 post slightly exposed due to the rounded design of the post cap.

Build to last

The LEDs in these lights are made to last for 100,000 hours, which is about 11 long years. The housing is UV resistant and the light has a matte textured finish.

Installation is easy

You might think that these post lights need some work to install but they are not. Also, the installation paper refers you to Davinci lights’ website where you can find their contact info if you got any questions.


Short screws

You might find the screws that come with the Davinci solar cap light not long enough to reach down to the 4×4 post. Because of that, you will need a new set of longer screws.


Number of LEDs1 LED.
Battery capacity300 mAh Lithium-ion AA rechargeable battery. 
IP RankIP44.
Number of lights 2 lights per set.

9. TomCare Solar Lanterns

9. TomCare Solar Lanterns

If you like Vintage stuff like me you will love TomCare lanterns. They give the effect of a flickering flame that you will find enjoyable to watch and will give you a warm feeling. These lanterns are one of the best decoration choices for your patio and garden.

Price: $49.99


Retro feeling

TomCare lanterns are made of rustproof metal and four sides of ABS plastic that can last up to 3 years. The lanterns are equipped with a durable hook that allows you to hang them on a shepherd’s hook or trees. Also, there are 4 very colors available that give an aesthetic sense. They are antique silver, bronze black, and white.

Flame effect

TomCare lanterns have a flame effect that mimics real candles. The warm glow these lanterns give makes them more attractive and adds a cozy feeling to your garden.


TomCare offers 45 days’ money back and a 12 months warranty. If anything happens to the lanterns just contact them and they will solve the problem.


Too fast

The flicker is too fast and not realistic. It would be great if the flicker was slower than this, and the lanterns would be more calming to watch than they already are 

Built-in battery

The battery inside these lanterns is built-in. That means if the battery stopped working you can’t replace it and the lantern will be out for good.


Color:Antique silver, black, bronze, and white.
Material:Metal with ABS plastic sides.
Number of LEDs:1 LED.
Battery capacity:2000mAh Ni-MH battery.
IP Rank:IP65.
Number of lights:2 lights per set.

10. BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights

10. BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights

It is party time! I always loved that string of light wrapped around trees or hanging between two poles. And BHCLIGHT solar-powered outdoor string lights are the perfect choice for the job. Light up your parties, make a romantic atmosphere, or celebrate the holidays these string lights will help you do all that.

Price: $16.99


Put it anywhere

These string lights have two parts, the Larger solar panel with quick charging technology and a long string that carries 200 LEDs. You can put it anywhere as long as the solar panel gets sunlight. For example, you can mount the solar panel outside your window and wrap the string around your bookshelves inside. The options here are so many and the only limit is your imagination.

8 Modes

These lights come with 8 modes to choose from. After you chose a mode the memory chip built in the lights saves your settings for future use.


So much for rolling

The string is too long and it might take you so long to unpack it and then wrap it around a tree trunk or put it on trellises. So you need to be patient.

Performance different

Some users said that under the same conditions one of the lights started to lose power faster than the other or they had to switch it on manually when it was dark.

Material:ABS plastic and Copper Wire.
Number of LEDs:200 LEDs.
Battery capacity:1800mAh AA batteries.
IP Rank:Waterproof, IP rank is not mentioned.
Number of lights:2 lights per set.

What Are Solar Lights?

Solar lights became a trend in outdoor and landscape design. They work on a system that has three main parts, a light-emitting diode or LED bulb, a solar panel, and a battery. The solar panel which is made from crystalline silicon converts solar energy into electricity to charge the battery, and then the LED bulb uses this electricity to operate during the night.

How Do Solar Lights Work?

Each of the solar-powered lights comprises a solar cell, NiCad, LED light, and photo-resistor. Each solar light creates electricity that charges the battery throughout the day. The photo-resistor that senses light loss flips on the LED light and stops generating energy at night.

What Are The Types of Solar Garden Lights

With the advancements in modern-era technology, solar lights are everywhere, from indoor environments to outdoor settings. Here are the topmost types of solar lights that can help liven up your home. 

1. Solar Walkway/Path Lights 

Solar path lights are known to offer the perfect ambiance for your home, and these can easily illuminate your walkway. These solar lights ensure that your walkways are not dark or frightening. One of the best things about these solar lights is that they are cost-efficient and easy to install without any issues. Moreover, if you are worried about their brightness, you will be surprised to know that these can offer almost the same level of brightness as their traditional wired counterparts.

2. Solar Spotlights 

Spotlights generally consume a lot of energy, and this is why solar spotlights are the perfect replacement for traditional wired spotlights. You can place these spotlights on high areas or walls, and these will offer almost the same level of brightness as their traditional wired counterparts. These can quickly illuminate larger outdoor settings, and you can also use these to liven up your backyard or front lawn. You can also use these above your walls or other focal points of your home. If you want more brightness out of these solar spotlights, you can choose spotlights with higher lumen strength.

3. Solar Fence Light 

Solar fence lights are yet another great application of solar-powered lighting, and these can quickly liven up your backyard without any issues. You can place these on the fence, and they will illuminate your backyard with a beautiful aura. There are hundreds of different designs and styles for solar fence lights, and you can choose the one that goes along perfectly with your backyard.

What Are the Different Features of Solar Lights?

Solar lights are known to offer a wide array of useful features to audiences. Here are some of the best features of solar lights. 

1. Waterproof IP rank 

If you’re worried about getting your solar lights wet, you should know that all solar lights come with a waterproof IP rank that offers high resistance against water. This means that you can install these lights in your front lawn or backyard without getting worried about blowing their fuses. These solar lights are capable of withstanding heavy and frequent usage and can also withstand high amounts of water without any issues. Therefore, you do not have to worry about installing solar lights near your water sprinklers or in unpredictable weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if it rains or your sprinklers go off at any time; your solar light will always be protected against water.

2. Auto On/Off 

You should also know about solar lights because these lights come with automatic on and off features. This means that you can conserve energy without switching the lights on and turning them off manually. You can program them to go off at a certain time. Moreover, these lights also come with internal sensors that automatically shut them off when the sun comes out. This way, you will never have to worry about turning them on or off to conserve energy, and you can enjoy a reduced utility cost with the help of an automatic on and off system in these solar lights.

3. Motion Detector 

Another amazing benefit of using solar lights is that these lights come with motion detectors to detect human beings or other animals in their vicinity. This way, these can turn on when there is motion around these lights. Moreover, these can also help detect any unwanted intruders in your front lawn a backyard by automatically turning on when it detects any activity in its proximity. Another benefit of the motion detector is that these lights will stay turned off when there is no activity and only turn on when they detect the region. This way, you will be able to enjoy reduced utility bills without having to take care of switching them on and off manually. 

4. Lumen Number 

Solar lights come with a lumen number that can help you determine how much energy or light you want in your front lawn or backyard. This way, you will not be stuck with low brightness, and you will be able to get solar lights that are compatible with your outdoor settings. You can choose the brightness level you want, and you can enjoy the desired level of brightness without any issues.

Garden Solar Lights 101

Some of the garden solar lights can be used right out of the box some others need some steps too. 

  1. Peel off the solar panel protective film. Its only function is to protect the panels during shipping.
  2. Make sure the place where you going to put your lights gets direct sunlight and is not shaded by trees or buildings.
  3. Assemble the light is made up of different parts.
  4. Switch your lights to ON and light it charges for a day or 2 (some brands require less).

How to Install Solar Lights?

Here are some tips that will help you install solar garden lights in your backyard. 

Firstly, you would have to identify a position in your yard that will be fully open to the sun all day long. This is because solar lamps have small solar cell panels charging in the sunlight, and all the energy is contained inside the light batteries. 

When the perfect location has been found, it’s time to mount the lights. This phase depends on the light you have picked. The next move is simply to stick the light in the soil on your lawn or a path in your yard. 

Before you can start using the lamps, follow the maker’s directions, and see what other precautions are needed. Notice that some panels come with a switch on and off, while others have built-in light sensors that can sense the dark outside and automatically toggle on the light.

How to Make Your Solar Lights Brighter?

Here are some tips to help you turn up the brightness level of your solar garden lights. 

Ensure the panel receives sunshine during the day.

Perhaps it isn’t clean. While the panel is in the sun all day long, it would not get sunshine if debris is on the panel. The light has been obscured by mud. Therefore, a solar panel still needs to be washed. You have to clean it regularly. To make sure the panel is still properly smooth and powered. 

There could be soil and dirt on the light itself that blocks the light. It doesn’t look that bright to have the sun. Therefore, you must ensure that you disinfect the light from all garbage and debris. It will ensure that all the debris and garbage from years of standing outdoors are not just part of it. 

Those solar batteries also deteriorate over time. No matter how much time you charge the batteries, they don’t charge more. You’ll need to procure new solar garden light batteries. Then you’ll see the lights once again luminous. 

There is only one solution that you can consider if nothing else succeeds. You should consider buying solar garden lights of better quality. The more efficiency, the brighter it is going to shine. And, it’ll make sure you have the answers you want.

How to Fix Your Solar Lights?

Here are a few tips that can guide you in fixing your solar lights. 

Check that the battery doesn’t have a pull tab. This will be applied only to newly acquired lamps. There is often a pull tab on the charger that needs to be removed before the light can operate. If your new light doesn’t work, try this out for sure. 

To measure the light, cover the screen. Generally speaking, during the day, solar-powered lamps do not work. You would need to fully cover the solar panel to mimic darkness to verify how the light functions. Ensure the cleanness of the solar panel. The amount of current gained can be influenced by a dirty panel. 

Make sure that the solar panel is properly located. The screen should be placed all (or at least most) of the day to receive sunshine, or else it will not receive a proper charge. 

If necessary, try it with normal batteries. It is the batteries at risk in most cases of solar-powered lights not running. If they do not receive a charge, the 3 lights will not turn on. If the lights need regular batteries to operate, it is clear that either the battery packs or the solar panel are the problem.

How to Clean Solar Lights?

These days, solar garden lights are in style. This is because they also have the additional advantage of being an eco-friendly way to beautify your house, apart from providing light during the night. 

Solar garden lights use small photovoltaic power to recharge their cells so that they can operate during the night, rather than using your domestic electrical current to power the lights. However, it is also essential to know how to better clean solar panels on garden lights to appreciate their advantages. 

Load a bucket with warm water and mix a little bit of soap with just enough gentle cleanser. Do not use cleansers, such as chlorine, because the surface would be affected. Spray water all over the solar lights using a garden hose. Many of the loose dust and debris on the panels would be removed. 

In comparison, caked-on dirt will release it. Use a kitchen sponge to use the warm water and the cleaning solution to take care of any dirt and debris from the panel. Switch on the hose again after you have completed scrubbing and begin to wash the solar panels. You may not need to think about drying the solar panels separately. They are not wide enough that you need to think about leaving streak lines on their surfaces.


There you have it, the 10 best solar garden lights. Remember that you need to make sure your garden lighting needs to choose a suitable light for the task. 

Take into consideration that all solar lights have one downside. They depend on the weather. A cloudy day can affect the number of lighting hours the light can give during the night.

With that being said let me know about your experiences with solar garden lights and your feedback about my list in the comment section below.


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Solar garden lights are the go-to choice for house owners to light their lawns and backyards instead of incandescent lights because they have no operating or maintenance cost and have no negative effect on the environment.  In this post, we put a spotlight on the...The 10 Best Solar Garden Lights Of 2023